Reaper Reaper

TV's 50 Funniest Phrases
8 pm/ET NBC
How sweet it is! Here it is, your moment of Zen: Television's 50 wittiest and most memorable catchphrases are counted down in this entertainment special, a really big show featuring dyn-o-mite clips and interviews with the stars who delivered the indelible lines. Among those featured: Heeere's Jeremy Piven, Dana Carvey, Neil Patrick Harris, Jean Stapleton, Ron Howard, Andy Griffith, Jackie Gleason, Regis Philbin, Bob Newhart, Penny Marshall, Polly Holliday and Redd Foxx. And that's the way it is. — Dean Maurer

8 pm/ET CW
There are a lot of questions to be answered in tonight's second-season finale, which also marks the end of the series on the CW. (There's a slim chance the show could be picked up for syndication.) Will Sam win his soul back from the Devil? Will Sam's dad escape from hell? And what about relationships? Will Sam and Andi finally get together? Can a romance between a human (Ben) and a demon (Nina) really work? And what about the Devil? Will he get his due? With any luck, fans will get what's due to them: answers. — Tim Holland

9 pm/ET Fox
In this quirky new medical drama, Chris Vance plays Dr. Jack Gallagher, the newly hired Director of Mental Health Services of a Los Angeles hospital. He's a maverick who lives up to his rep on his first day of work, when before even being introduced to his new colleagues, he takes a startlingly unorthodox approach to gaining a delusional patient's trust. Trying to rein him in is his boss, a conservative hospital administrator (Annabella Sciorra) who happens to be his ex-lover. — Fred Mitchell

Hitched or Ditched
9 pm/ET CW
The title pretty much says it all. Longtime unwed couples are pressured by well-meaning friends or family members to get hitched in one week or ditch the relationship for good in this intrusive and possibly addicting reality series. In tonight's opener, Charlotte couple Travis and CeLisa, who have been dating for four years, are given an invitation to their own dream wedding, which is to take place in seven days. The couple are excited, but no one — absolutely no one — thinks they are a match, due to his insecurity and her massive mood swings. — Tim Holland

Rescue Me
10 pm/ET FX
If you saw the show two weeks ago, you had to have been struck by Tommy's one drink with "Frenchy" in that bar overlooking Ground Zero. Call it foreshadowing, and note that Charles Durning (Tommy's Dad), Dean Winters (Johnny Gavin) and James McCaffrey (Jimmy Keefe) are in the cast tonight. But another ghost will haunt Tommy even more. Meanwhile, Sean is getting sicker, black Shawn is missing following his breakup from Colleen, and Damien is really getting into the idea of being a firefighter. — Paul Droesch

My Boys
10:30 pm/ET TBS
Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but it's the baseball-field kind for PJ. In the likable show's third-season finale, the sporty Chicago lass and her male posse trek to Arizona for that annual baseball rite — spring training. PJ tries to cover all the bases by writing about baseball's start in her column, but it's not a field of dreams for her when she falls victim to a mean case of writer's block. Meanwhile, Brendan comes out swinging, only to attract a player's girlfriend. And Andy's in a prolonged slump: He remains a lonely soul back in Chicago. Baseball player Mike Fontenot guest stars. — Dean Maurer