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The Bachelorette
8 pm/ET ABC
Jillian Harris, the busiest executioner in Bachelorette history, lopped off 10 heads last week and still has 20 to go. Four rose warriors will end up roseless tonight, and four won't get to go on either group or one-on-one dates with Jillian. We'll see how those lists match up, but first, one man accompanies her to a private Martina McBride show, and seven others play basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters. Then, at the rose ceremony, the guys get to help Jillian reduce their number to 16. — Paul Droesch

Jon & Kate Plus 8
9 pm/ET TLC
What began as an endearing look at life in a large family has morphed into a tabloid-fueled frenzy over alleged affairs, family feuds and a rumored open-marriage contract. In March's Season 4 finale, Jon openly discussed the difficulty he was having handling his newfound fame. Well, things have certainly become a lot more heated since then. In tonight's one-hour Season 5 premiere, Jon and Kate are expected to touch on some of the headline-grabbing controversies surrounding their family. And on a lighter note, the sextuplets celebrate their fifth birthdays with a huge bash. — Karen Andzejewicz

In Treatment
10 pm/ET HBO
Although two weeks shorter than last season, this intense, intelligent drama's sophomore outing was no less riveting. And while the thread of Paul's collapsing marriage ran through the first, this time around the fear of a career-crushing lawsuit and his father's death were arguably a bigger blow to his psyche. By the time this season ender begins, we'll already know what happened with Mia, April, Oliver and Walter, but it's fitting to save these terrific sparring matches between Paul and Gina for last. — Joe Friedrich

Tonight Show with Jay Leno
11:35 pm/ET NBC
Jay Leno kicks off his final week as host of the Tonight Show before handing over the reins to successor Conan O'Brien. Tonight's guests are Mel Gibson and Lyle Lovett, who's making his 25th appearance on the show. Others scheduled to appear throughout the week include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Billy Crystal, Wanda Sykes, Dwight Yoakam, Prince, James Taylor and Sarah McLachlan. Fittingly, Jay's last guest will be Conan O'Brien. Clips of memorable moments and gaffes will also be featured throughout the week. — Brie Hearn

Time/Anderson Cooper 360: The World's Most Influential People
8 pm/ET CNN
Presidents and prime ministers aren't the only ones who set the world's agenda. This special AC 360 (which first aired earlier this month) showcases many of the globe's big players, from George Clooney (who's interviewed by U2's Bono) to billionaires Ted Turner and T. Boone Pickens. Also on the list: financial-advice superstar Suze Orman, who talks with business reporter Suzy Welch. — Jeff Gemmill