Real Time with Bill Maher Real Time with Bill Maher

Good Morning America
7 am/ET ABC
GMA kicks off its annual Summer Concert Series at a new Big Apple venue: Rumsey Playfield in Central Park, the home of the Central Park SummerStage. First up: Green Day, whose new CD, 21st Century Breakdown, is the veteran punk band's first studio release since the 2004 rock opera American Idiot. Like Idiot, Breakdown is both narrative (it follows a young couple through this decade) and political (as both titles suggest). — Paul Droesch

Batman: The Brave and the Bold
8:30 pm/ET Cartoon Network
In a series that finds Batman forging unusual partnerships with a variety of characters from the DC Comics universe, tonight's teaming may seem fairly obvious: Batman and Robin. But the reunion is anything but simple. When Batman joins with his former sidekick to protect him from the revenge-obsessed Crazy Quilt, the Dynamic Duo must also sort through the lingering issues that lead to their split in the first place. Paging Dr. Phil! — Brie Hearn

Real Time with Bill Maher
10 pm/ET HBO
If the ongoing economic crisis is so confusing that you can't tell a bursting bubble from a bailout, tonight's show should shed some light on an extremely perilous situation. And while Maher's stock-in-trade is comedy, he knows where to go to get serious answers, including two scheduled guests who are widely considered to be experts on such matters: MIT economist Simon Johnson and Nobel Peace Prize winner and banker Muhammad Yunus. — Joe Friedrich

Hollywood Sings Country
9 pm/ET CMT
You know they can act, but did you know they can perform country music? Jeff Bridges, Kevin Costner, Robert Duvall, Steve Martin and Billy Bob Thornton are seen doing just that in clips from movies and TV appearances. And you know what? They're not half bad. — Fred Mitchell

Wolverine and the X-Men
8 pm/ET Nicktoons
Professor X steps into the spotlight in this episode, in which he gets captured by Sentinels and taken to a detention center. To make matters worse, the Sentinels also take Cerebro, the mutant-tracking device. Xavier needs to get the device back, so the resourceful leader gathers his fellow mutant prisoners and forms a new band of X-Men, who unite to fight the Sentinels. — Jennifer Sankowski