Southland Southland

So You Think You Can Dance
8 pm/ET Fox
ABC's Dancing with the Stars may have ended Tuesday, but that doesn't mean the connection for your terpsichorean fix has dried up. That's because it's time for the fifth season of So You Think You Can Dance, and tonight's premiere, as well as two-hour shows next Wednesday and Thursday (8 pm/ET), will showcase auditions in Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Denver, Seattle and Memphis. — Joe Friedrich

8 pm/ET National Geographic Channel
For good reason, car safety is a top priority for many car buyers, so auto manufacturers are constantly working to make their vehicles safer. This hour goes inside high-tech crash labs to see how they do that. Highlights include a look at ultra-advanced — and surprisingly lifelike — crash-test dummies, and an interview with an extremely brave (or insane) man who, with 852 crashes under his belt, holds the world record for "most human-subject crash tests." — Karen Andzejewicz

Ugly Betty
8 pm/ET ABC
No disrespect to Molly, who collapsed in the bathroom last week right before her honeymoon, but when the guest stars for tonight's two-hour, third-season finale include Billie Jean King, Rachel Maddow and Christopher Gorham (Henry's back in town!), um, let's just hope Daniel's new bride is OK. In other news, Wilhelmina hits up Matt's scheming mother for information about Claire's connection to Cal, and Marc and Betty hope their YETI profiles pay off when an editing job opens up at Mode. — Joe Friedrich

Southern Belles: Louisville
10 pm/ET SOAPnet
This new reality series is a sort of prequel to Real Housewives, as it focuses on a group of five single women (although one is twice-divorced). These Kentucky gals are at crossroads in their lives when it comes to careers and romances. Julie is a model worried about her career and her clicking biological clock, Shea is planning her wedding to a man who has yet to propose to her, and divorcée Kellie is starting a matchmaking business. Get to know them and their pals as they're introduced in tonight's premiere. — Jennifer Sankowski

10 pm/ET NBC
The first season of the cop drama wraps up, and the good news is that the show will be back for a second. After weeks of run-ins with the city's thugs, L.A.'s finest discover a dead gang member in the trunk of a car tonight. And Lydia (Regina King) finds the line between her professional and personal life further blurred when Bryant (Shawn Hatosy) convinces her to take in Janilla (Carla Jeffrey). — Rhoda Charles