Celebrity Apprentice Celebrity Apprentice

Amazing Race 14
8 pm/ET CBS
Former NFL cheerleaders Jaime and Cara could become the first all-female team to win the $1 million top prize if they can overcome their third-place start tonight and their perpetual problems with taxis. Front-running Tammy and Victor look to be the pair to beat, but don't count out mom-and-son duo Margie and Luke. It promises to be a nerve-racking finish, with all three teams working on the final task at the same time. — Tim Holland

Celebrity Apprentice
8 pm/ET NBC
There'll be a duke out in tonight's three-hour season finale. Our two lasting celebrities — poker ace Annie Duke and zinger queen Joan Rivers — punch up the action and go to the mat in the final task. But first the two jabbing archrivals choose among gonged celeb contestants to round out their teams. For the main event, they must throw a pre-theater VIP bash preceding a performance of the Cirque du Soleil show "Wintuk," complete with a silent auction. It all culminates with Mr. Trump crowning the winner, proving once again that the Donald trumps all. — Dean Maurer

Masterpiece Mystery!
9 pm/ET PBS
Kenneth Branagh stars in "Wallander: Sidetracked," the first of three engrossing adaptations of Henning Mankell's popular crime novels, as the scruffy title character, a Swedish police detective whose life is as far from perfect as the Swedish landscape is beautiful. In this outing, he investigates a teenage girl's self-immolation and several grisly ax murders while trying to find time for his aging dad (David Warner), whose mental state isn't what it once was. — Jeff Gemmill

Brothers & Sisters
10:01 pm/ET ABC
The deterioration of Kitty's marriage, Sarah's return to Ojai and the appearance of Ryan Lafferty were just some of the big stories this season, but let's face it: Tommy's misguided self-destruction takes the cake. (And the real-life, tabloid antics of Balthazar Getty and their effect on the show cannot be dismissed.) And now that Nora has learned his whereabouts south of the border, it sets up an impromptu family reunion in tonight's third-season finale that may wind up no better than a Mexican standoff. — Joe Friedrich

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
8 pm/ET HBO 
Last week's introduction of Precious' rival, Cephas Buthelezi, cast a dark cloud over this otherwise lighthearted series, but it was a harbinger of a more strident chord struck in tonight's first-season finale, when the shady detective is instrumental in bringing Precious' ne'er-do-well ex-husband, trumpeter Note Mokoti, back to Gaborone. This dilemma distracts Precious from her recent engagement to her stand-up suitor, JLB Matekoni, though even this happy occasion is not without its ominous undertones. — Joe Friedrich