Family Guy Family Guy

Cold Case
9 pm/ET CBS
The series, which is on the bubble for renewal, concludes its sixth season with a strong two-part episode in which Lilly investigates the 2005 murder of a local military academy's first female cadet. The victim's body is discovered in a buried foot locker, and the probe reveals that the freshman continually drew the ire of her fellow male cadets, school officials and obnoxious alumni. Music from Pearl Jam's legendary 1991 debut album, Ten, is heard exclusively on tonight's hour and next week's finale. —Tim Holland

Family Guy
9 pm/ET FOX
Man bites dog. That's news. So, apparently, is reality star dates dog. It seems that Brian, in a drunken stupor following his ex-girlfriend Jillian's engagement to another guy, hooks up with Lauren Conrad of The Hills, and before long all of Hollywood is snarking about it. Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon and Craig Ferguson have voice cameos (doing their monologues), as do Conrad and her Hills confrere Audrina Patridge. —Paul Droesch

Desperate Housewives
9 pm/ET ABC
The news tonight: Orson is on the way out of Bree's life (she hires a lawyer) and Jackson (Gale Harold) is back in Susan's — just as Mike seems to be cooling on Katherine. Hmmm. In any event, Susan might need both guys (and anyone else who'll help) to protect her and MJ from Dave. Her confession about the accident last week hit Dave like a ton of bricks — and he isn't exactly stable to begin with — so there's a good chance that this story line will be around for awhile. —Paul Droesch

Candy Girls
10:30 pm/ET E!
Candy Girls wraps up its first season with a "highly explosive finale." Danielle plays mediator in a catfight between the Kysha and the other models that ends with an ultimatum from the ladies — either Kysha goes or they all do. Meanwhile, Olivia chooses between her boyfriend and her career.

In Plain Sight
10 pm/ET USA
Mary Shannon isn't exactly crazy about the idea of family, as hers is an endless source of trouble. Now that Brandi seems dedicated to getting her act together, Jinx causes new problems with her DUI arrest. So it's not hard to imagine that Mary's next case — helping a witness (played by Cynthia Watros) handle her three wild kids — isn't easy for her. She has to play babysitter to the brood, keep her witness safe and, most importantly, keep her cool. Easier said than done. —Brie 

Brothers & Sisters
10:01 pm/ET ABC
The cat had Kitty's tongue last week when Robert asked how she felt about Alec — who, incidentally, later had Kitty's tongue when they smooched on the porch swing of his new house. So now that this romance has gone past the fantasy stage, it's time for Kitty to fish or cut bait. And in a like-father-like-daughter moment, she reflects on the sins of William Walker (guest star Tom Skerritt) while trying to figure out how to proceed with her own life. —Joe Friedrich