30 Rock 30 Rock

My Name Is Earl
8 pm/ET NBC
A Rivera runs through it when the sitcom kicks off a two-part episode tonight. In Part 1, Geraldo Rivera guest stars as a journalist whose news show, Inside Probe, infiltrates Camden to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Crab Shack owner Ernie Belcher. Sure, it takes a good eight years for the segment to finally air, but as the Camden crew settles in to view it, it becomes all too obvious that Earl and Randy are looking like prime suspects. NASCAR racer Michael Waltrip revs up for a guest-star turn. —Dean Maurer

Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands
8 pm/ET CBS
Coach's warrior alliance was struck a massive blow last week when Tyson, his ultra-smug cohort, was blindsided at tribal council and sent to join Brendan on the jury. The self-anointed dragon slayer must now scramble to stay in the game, and he's reduced to currying favor with Sierra, whom he tried to oust last week. Is it possible that Coach will get out-schooled by his pupils and become the third member of the jury? —Tim Holland

30 Rock
9:31 pm/ET NBC
Tracy's racy — and he's also erratic and bratty. And Miz Liz has had enough of it. When Liz chides Tracy in front of the staffers, it causes a strange yet wondrous thing to happen: Tracy tries to be a better person, a more professional and mature person. He forfeits all special treatment — but he feels that Liz should do the same. Meanwhile, Jack continues to have daddy issues, especially when his tormenting mother (Elaine Stritch) digs up foul facts about the Donaghy patriarch. And there's monkey business with Jenna: She adopts a pet ape, only to learn valuable lessons about motherhood. Steve Buscemi guest stars. —Dean Maurer

Private Practice
10:02 pm/ET ABC
It's season-finale time, so dust off those wedding bells. For Violet and Sheldon? For Violet and Pete? Oh well, at least there's a baby on the way. Too bad the very-pregnant Morgan is smack in the middle of whatever's going on between Addison and Noah. Meanwhile, how about that slick health-care exec's offer to set Naomi up in a cutting-edge practice of her own? Didn't he tell Charlotte the same thing? And Dell won't have to search for his daughter after all. That's the good news.... —Paul Droesch

Bridget's Sexiest Beaches
10 pm/ET Travel Channel
It's a Girls Next Door reunion when Bridget Marquardt returns home to Southern California and meets up with fellow GND cast mates Holly Madison and (the soon-to-be-married) Kendra Wilkinson. Hef's former gal pals are sure to stir up all sorts of trouble when they check out Malibu's secluded beaches and San Diego's hot nightlife scene. —Karen Andzejewicz