Streisand: Live in Concert Streisand: Live in Concert

NFL Draft
4 pm/ET ESPN
Maybe it's the economy, but there has been a lot of talk about teams with top picks trading down this year. It's not that the talent isn't there — it's more that the cost (and risk) of signing a premium player is sky-high, and there may be more value in slipping down a bit in the draft and acquiring additional picks. Positions where there are abundant options include offensive tackles and wide receivers, while teams in search of tight ends may have to take a bit more of a risk. —Dave Roeder

Streisand: Live in Concert
8 pm/ET CBS
Barbra Streisand is an unqualified success on record and stage, in film and TV. But perhaps her greatest triumph is in concert. The famously shy singer, who battled stage fright for many years, is captured here at a 2006 sold-out concert in Fort Lauderdale. Highlights from that evening include a variety of Streisand hits, such as "The Way We Were," "Somewhere," "Evergreen" and "Don't Rain on My Parade." Il Divo accompanied Streisand on the tour and is also featured. —Tim Holland

Chasing a Dream
9 pm/ET Hallmark
In this original movie, Andrew Lawrence plays promising high-school football player Cam Stiles, whose best friend, an equally competitive athlete, dies suddenly. Instead of turning to destructive behavior, Cam channels his sadness into achieving the dream his friend will never have the chance to complete: running a sub-four-minute mile. His quest shifts his focus from football, though, and it doesn't go unnoticed by his father (Treat Williams), who also happens to be his football coach. —Brie Hearn

Ashes to Ashes
9 pm/ET BBC America
The first season of this Life on Mars spin-off comes to an explosive conclusion as DI Alex Drake races to stop the car bomb that killed her parents in 1981, hoping that by altering history and saving her parents, she'll finally be able to return to the present day. Luckily, we won't have to wait long to see how it all turns out. Season 2 premieres next week. —Karen Andzejewicz

I Want to Save Your Life
10 pm/ET WE
Nutrition and public-health advocate Charles Stuart Platkin, known as the Diet Detective, takes the helm of this new show, in which he helps overweight people get to the root of their unhealthy behavior and then designs a plan to put them on the right track. In tonight's premiere, Charles combats a woman's uncontrollable sweet tooth by taking her on a "cakewalk" that's not nearly as easy as it sounds. Another episode follows at 10:30 pm/ET and features a comedian who is close to 400 pounds. —Brie Hearn