Grey Gardens Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens
8 pm/ET HBO
Depending on your point of view, Albert and David Maysles' 1975 documentary, Grey Gardens — a portrait of two eccentric relatives of Jackie Kennedy-Onassis — is either a classic example of cinema verité or the worst kind of exploitation. But this 2009 film, which dramatizes the previous decades in the lives of "Big Edie" Beale (Jessica Lange) and her daughter, "Little Edie," (Drew Barrymore), should generate no such controversy, as the two leads are terrific in fleshing out these one-of-a-kind personalities. —Joe Friedrich

Groomer Has It
9 pm/ET Animal Planet
Guest judge Kendra Wilkinson helps decide who will get cut after the groomers are tasked with identifying safety violations in a salon that has seen better days. Later they'll have to fix botched grooming jobs that are enough to bring a person to tears, but it's concern over groomer certification that actually gets one contestant weeping. —Rhoda Charles

Flying By
8 pm/ET Lifetime Movie Network
You never forget your first love, as Billy Ray Cyrus discovers in this original drama about a man whose love of music is reignited at his 25th high-school reunion. Cyrus' character, George, rejoins his old band and the group lines up some regular gigs, which place his adult commitments to his wife (Heather Locklear), family and job at odds with the chance to hit the road. —Rhoda Charles

Nanny 911
8 pm/ET CMT
The series moves from Fox to CMT for its fourth season and rehires two of the original nannies, Deborah Carroll and Stella Reid. In the season opener, handling 4-year-old twins who aren't properly potty-trained feels like a 12-round prizefight to stressed-out mom Jackie and dad Mark, who has all but thrown in the towel. But Nanny Deb comes to the rescue to bring order out of chaos. —Fred Mitchell

World's Strictest Parents
9 pm/ET CMT
Unruly teens get their comeuppance when they are sent away to live with strict parents in this U.S. version of the British reality series. In the premiere episode, two wayward adolescents are sent to live with a California family that's very big on chores, rules and consequences. Among their rules: no smoking, no piercings and no privacy for teenagers. —Fred Mitchell