Rescue Me Rescue Me

Rescue Me
10 pm/ET FX
When last we saw Tommy Gavin (a very long 19 months ago), he was sitting next to his dead dad in the stands of a minor-league ballpark. He'll bury Michael Gavin tonight with his characteristic flair, then get on with his life. Priority No. 1: Deal with that Section 8 procedure Chief Feinberg has initiated against him. Why, then, is Feinberg acting so nice? Meanwhile, Colleen has a new boyfriend she doesn't want Tommy to know about, and so does Janet. Michael J. Fox guest stars. —Paul Droesch

Dancing with the Stars
9 pm/ET ABC
One of tonight's music guests is a legend: Etta James, who performs her classic "At Last." The other performer is relative newcomer Demi Lovato (of Camp Rock fame), who sings "La La Land." There's also a dance performance from the Las Vegas show Le Rêve, and the dance-off is back! Will Steve-O, who came close to elimination last week, be participating in the dance-off? Or did enough of the daredevil's fans rally to save him and keep him out of the bottom two? —Jennifer Sankowski

It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown; Charlie Brown All Stars
8 pm/ET ABC
It's springtime in Peanuts land, time for baseball and the Easter...beagle? Yup. A canine bearing a basket full of goodies. That's what Linus believes, anyhow. The rest of the gang looks elsewhere for Easter treats, but you don't have to. This 1974 charmer earned an Emmy nomination, as did 1966's Charlie Brown All Stars, which trades bonnets for baseball caps. But calling Chuck's team "all stars" is a bit of a stretch, particularly since the league won't let Lucy and Snoopy play. —Paul Droesch

9 pm/ET CW
What's the matter with Silver? Where is she — and what should be done when she's found? Those are the questions on everyone's mind now that Silver's strange behavior has escalated and she has skipped town. Kelly and Ryan search for the missing high schooler, even checking in with Silver's mother, Jackie (Ann Gillespie). But really, if you were in trouble would you turn to Jackie? It falls to Silver's friends to track her down, and let's hope they find her before she whips out that video camera again. Original 90210 cast member Jason Priestley directed the episode. —Rhoda Charles

Trust Me
9 pm/ET TNT
The inaugural season of the comedy-drama closes with a doubleheader of episodes. In the first outing, a commercial shoot for a soap product gets dramatically sudsy when Sarah clashes with the director. In the season finale at 10 pm/ET, the Mink group scores a crucial account, a victory that inspires a big promotion offer for Mason. Meanwhile, Conner's in a corner: The always kinetic ad lad receives buzzworthy news regarding his affair with an energy-drink marketer. And will Sarah smile? Probably not, especially when she mulls over how to best split up with her boyfriend. —Dean Maurer