Big Love Big Love

Desperate Housewives
9 pm/ET ABC
Edie's worst fears are coming true tonight, and knowing that Nicolette Sheridan will soon leave the cast makes the Dave-Mike-Katherine camping trip all the more portentous. Back in Fairview, meanwhile, we'll see how Lynette's new job is going. Hope for the best, but certainly don't expect it. Also look for Bree to take a drastic step in dealing with Orson's kleptomania problem. And old friend Karl Mayer (Richard Burgi) pays another visit to Susan. —Paul Droesch

Big Love
9 pm/ET HBO
With Bill saying good-bye to one wife (and maybe two?), Joey grieving Kathy's death and disowning Bill, and Barb getting the heave-ho from her church — among other things — perhaps this show could be called Big Loss. While it's doubtful tonight's third-season finale will provide resolution to all of this year's problems (a fourth season is in the works), we can probably expect a showdown between Roman and Alby, a settlement of the casino matter and, hopefully, the return of Ted and Cindy's daughter. —Joe Friedrich

Cold Case
9 pm/ET CBS
Mind games are at the forefront of tonight's puzzler that features several post-Beatles songs written and performed by John Lennon. The hour focuses on whether a homeless man, who is paranoid schizophrenic, murdered his psychiatrist in 2004. The reinvestigation gets underway when incriminating notes are discovered. —Tim Holland

Breaking Bad
10 pm/ET AMC
For Walt and Jesse, things go for from breaking bad to breaking worse after Tuco the loco drug dealer goes down for the count. Despite being free of the incendiary sociopath, the meth cookers need to cover their tracks and get law enforcement off their tails. Walt concocts an elaborate ruse that sees him spinning intricate webs of deceit and misdirection, while a rattled Jesse establishes a shaky alibi that puts him in DEA agent Hank's crosshairs. It's an intriguing episode that's short on action but long on compelling drama. —Ray Stackhouse

Flight of the Conchords
10 pm/ET HBO
To take some liberties with an old saying, one person's dream is another's nightmare, and that is almost certainly the case in tonight's second-season finale when Bret and Jemaine, facing eviction from their apartment, have no choice but to move in with starry-eyed, crazy fan Mel and her husband, Doug. On the band front, the Conchords may have had some tough luck on the gig scene this time around, but the opportunistic Murray looks to change their fortunes with a stage play about the band. —Joe Friedrich