The Office The Office

8 pm/ET FOX
The Jeffersonian team certainly take their chances, but could they be so reckless as to lose a corpse? Of course, that doesn't mean they've misplaced the body of a shady car salesman; it's just that when the dead man's bones start to disintegrate, the team only have 24 hours to find out how he died — and who killed him. David Boreanaz, who plays FBI agent Seeley Booth, pulls double duty by getting behind the camera to direct his first episode of the series. —Joe Friedrich

The Office
9 pm/ET NBC
Michael pulls a wily Willy Wonka scheme tonight. Taking a cue from the fictitious chocolatier, Michael suggests placing "golden tickets" inside paper packages as discounts for clients. But all that glitters isn't gold: Michael's idea backfires, as is common, and office problems spread. On the flip side, Kevin's love life might be as good as gold when the piteous office drone sets out to woo a woman. Here's hoping it's the sweet lady from the corporate complex he met at last week's lonely-hearts party. They make such a golden couple. —Dean Maurer

Grey's Anatomy
9 pm/ET ABC
What with Derek's meltdown, Bailey's war with the chief and Izzie's very disturbing symptoms, the hot docs seem worse off than the economy. Don't expect smiley faces on Derek or Izzie tonight. (Too bad they never got together: We could have dubbed them "Dizzie.") However, there is hope for Bailey. Paging Adele Webber, stat! On the love front, there's hope for Owen-Cristina and Mark-Lexie. Maybe Callie-Arizona, too. True, Arizona rejected Callie, but she does call her "Calliope." —Paul Droesch

10 pm/ET NBC
Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, no one can accuse Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) of having had an easy ride since becoming a doctor. He's been stabbed by a patient in the ER; his recovery left him addicted to painkillers; his son died soon after birth; and now his donor kidney is hung up in transit. All he needs is to run into a former mentor who was very hard on him as an intern. Cue Dr. Benton (Eriq La Salle). We hope Benton's presence signals a change for the better for Carter because, honestly, he deserves a break. —Rhoda Charles

Bridget's Sexiest Beaches
10 pm/ET Travel
Former Girl Next Door Bridget Marquardt may have moved out of the Playboy Mansion, but she's still living the sweet life as host of this new travel series, which has her exploring the hottest seaside destinations around the globe. In the opener, Hef's former gal pal goes Down Under for a look at Australia's beautiful southeast coastline. Looks like life really is a beach for this beach bunny. —Karen Andzejewicz