Glenn Close and Ted Danson, Damages Glenn Close and Ted Danson, Damages

Top Chef: New York
10 pm/ET Bravo
Raw drama is on the menu in the conclusion of the Season 5 finale. Fab contestant Fabio (with his new Mohawk 'do in tow) packed his knives and was sent home last week, so that means Carla, Hosea and Stefan will have to get jazzy in New Orleans for the final challenge. Tensions boil over between Hosea and the antagonizing Stefan, culinary twists await, and the epic epicurean journey ends with the crowning of our winning chef. —Dean Maurer

9 pm/ET ABC
OK, our gang is back on the island, and if Jin's fresh-looking Dharma Initiative jumpsuit provides a clue, it must be the 1970s. Hope the Ajira 316 passengers who weren't Losties weren't hurt. So where do we go from here? Back to L.A., where we'll learn how and why Locke hanged himself. We might also learn why he took the name of that other long-dead English philosopher, Jeremy Bentham. And where does Walt (Malcolm David Kelley) fit into all this? Maybe we'll find that out, too. —Paul Droesch

America's Ballroom Challenge
9 pm/ET PBS (check local listings)
The stars may not be aligned, but the dancing is guaranteed to put Lawrence Taylor, Lil' Kim, Jewel and the other Dancing with the Stars celebs to shame. Twenty-four of the world's top fleet-footed couples meet up in Columbus, Ohio, for this annual competition, where they demonstrate their talents in such dances as the tango, fox-trot, cha-cha, rumba and jive. —Jeff Gemmill

Criminal Minds
9 pm/ET CBS
It's common in TV crime dramas, film thrillers and murder-mystery novels to see the words "serial killer" and "prostitute" together. The hookers are often the victims of psychopaths who see them as easy prey. Tonight's hour turns the tables when the prostitute becomes the killer. The team believes that a high-class call girl is luring executives and murdering them. —Bill Ecklund

10 pm/ET FX
Talk about loyalty! That Uncle Pete would rather kill both himself and his wife of 60 years rather than rat out Patty. Or so it seems — with this show you're never sure not only of motives but of the actions themselves. But in any event, it certainly looks like back-to-the-drawing-board time for Agents Harrison and Werner. Look for the suddenly spiritual Frobisher to suffer a setback as well. And when Kendrick looks over his shoulder, he'll see Patty getting closer all the time. —Paul Droesch