Kevin Tige and Timothy Hutton, Leverage Kevin Tige and Timothy Hutton, Leverage

Biggest Loser: Couples
8 pm/ET NBC
The players are thrust out of their comfort zones in the first half of this two-part episode. The buddy system goes out the window as the teams are reorganized into just two groups. This move pairs some players with a new trainer, and the adjustment isn't an easy one for all of them. Once the dust settles, the contestants compete in a 24-hour bike challenge. The second half of the episode airs tomorrow at 8 pm/ET. —Brie Hearn

Address to the Joint Session of Congress
9 pm/ET FOX (also ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, FNC and MSNBC, among others)
It'll have the trappings of a State of the Union Address ("I have the high privilege and distinct honor...") — and the Republicans will get to rebut it (Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has that high honor) — but since Barack Obama has been president for barely a month, he'll assess the shaky state of the union tonight in an address to Congress that's being billed as simply that. Expect a broad-based policy survey, but the primary focus will certainly be on the president's plans for the economy. —Paul Droesch

10 pm/ET TNT
The cunning caper show's 13-episode inaugural season closes with the conclusion of the two-part finale. An underground Nate Ford, the guiding spirit of this high-styled band of contemporary Robin Hoods, resurfaces to tangle directly with two personal nemeses. One is avaricious bigwig Ian Blackpoole (Kevin Tighe), the CEO rat who denied medical coverage to Nate's son, leaving the youngster to die. The other is Jim Sterling (Mark A. Sheppard), Nate's wily ex-coworker. Nate's plan is to pilfer two prized David statuettes from under their noses. The sting is on — let's hope Nate doesn't get stung. —Dean Maurer

10 pm/ET FX
Next week is the season finale, so Christian is putting his affairs in order prior to (a) getting married and (b) dying. As for the getting-married part, tonight's problem is that Lizzie's family-heirloom gown is too small. A nip and a tuck should fix that, right? No so fast. As for the dying part, Christian wants to hire his replacement himself. Enter the style-conscious Dr. Logan Taper (Richard Burgi). Playing Lizzie's mother is Lillian Hurst, who also plays Hurley's mom on Lost. —Paul Droesch

Dark Days in Monkey City
10 pm/ET Animal Planet
First it was the meerkats, then the lemurs and the orangutans. Now the spotlight is on the monkeys. Cool graphic-novel-style animation helps dramatize the lives of Sri Lanka's gray langurs and toque macaques, two wild-monkey species that live (and fight) in the abandoned city of Polonnaruwa. In the premiere, a leader defends his position against a rebellion, but it seems like the power struggles are far from over. —Rhoda Charles