Olivia Wilde and Omar Epps, House Olivia Wilde and Omar Epps, House

8 pm/ET FOX
In recent weeks, Foreman and Thirteen have been tying their personal and professional lives into knots, and you can look for some unraveling (on one front, anyhow) tonight. Thirteen's health does some unraveling as well. Meanwhile, Cuddy, who's mad at House, is behaving badly. In fact, she's behaving kind of like House. As for tonight's patient (other than Thirteen, that is), she's a cancer researcher who quit working because she wants to have fun. Guess how much sympathy that wins her? —Paul Droesch

8 pm/ET NBC
Dominic Monaghan, so effective as ill-fated rock star Charlie Pace in Lost, gets back in the groove as a guest star in tonight's episode. Monaghan plays Tyler Martin, a global rocker who's marked for murder, prompting the agents to kidnap him to discover who's behind the deadly plot. Elsewhere, Morgan scores two backstage passes to Tyler's show and holds a contest to determine who will join him. And get out those funny glasses — the episode is presented in 3-D. —Dean Maurer

CSI: Miami
10 pm/ET CBS
Khandi Alexander reprises her role as Alexx Woods in an episode in which Calleigh's life is in danger. Calleigh and Ryan are investigating a murder in an attic when shots are fired into it. The two aren't hit, but Calleigh breathes in too much insulation and is rushed to the hospital where Alexx is now working. —Tim Holland

10 pm/ET NBC
She sees dead people, yet again. The haunting paranormal show's Season 5 opener materializes when psychic soccer mom Allison DuBois helps Devalos investigate the murder of his friend's sister. But Allison's clairvoyance peeks into the friend's former husband and current spouse, and takes the case in unforeseen directions. And the show continues its fine tradition of delving into home-life dramas. Here's the naked truth: Daughter Bridgette lands in trouble for drawing nude pictures of her art teacher. —Dean Maurer

RuPaul's Drag Race
10 pm/ET LOGO
Gentlemen (ladies?), start your engines! Over the next seven weeks, would-be RuPauls will strut, sashay and lip-synch, and the one whom RuPaul says does it best (aided weekly by celebrity guest judges) will be pronounced "The Next Superstar Drag Queen of the World." In keeping with the "drag race" theme, the nine initial candidates start their engines by posing (with scantily clad hunks) on the hood of a car. Designer Bob Mackie and photographer Mike Ruiz are the opener's guest judges. —Paul Droesch