Jon Hamm Jon Hamm

Screen Actors Guild Awards
8 pm/ET TNT
Here's some pure peer pressure! Thespians honor their artistic peers for outstanding film and TV performances at the 15th annual glitzfest from the Shrine Exposition Center in Los Angeles. The centerpiece of the evening promises to be a salute to James Earl Jones (he of the iconic, resonant voice and a veteran of stage, film and television), who is slated to receive the Life Achievement Award. Presenters include Christina Applegate, Angela Bassett, Jon Hamm, John Krasinski, Eric McCormack and Kyra Sedgwick. —Dean Maurer

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The Last Templar
9 pm/ET NBC
Mira Sorvino gets knight fever in Part 1 of this involving two-part flick, which melds crime drama with historic intrigue and medieval mystery in the tradition of National Treasure and The Da Vinci Code. Sorvino plays spunky Manhattan archaeologist Tess Chaykin, who reluctantly teams up with an FBI man (Scott Foley) to unearth the shadowy secrets of the medieval Knights Templar. Their globe-spanning quest begins (and ends in tomorrow's conclusion) after a quartet of horse-mounted knights pilfer an ancient decoding device from New York's Metropolitan Museum. —Dean Maurer

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Loving Leah
9 pm/ET CBS
Adam Kaufman and Lauren Ambrose star in this sweet, heart-tugging 2009 Hallmark Hall of Fame winner about a most unconventional marriage. When Rabbi Benjamin Lever dies in Brooklyn, his nonreligious single brother, Jake (Kaufman), discovers he is expected to marry Ben's 26-year-old childless widow, Leah (Ambrose), so the deceased's name will not be forgotten. If he refuses, he must deny his beloved sibling's existence. What's a brother to do? Marry her, of course, but live totally separate lives in his Washington, D.C. apartment. Easier said than done. —Tim Holland

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American Dad
9:30 pm/ET FOX
Family Guy won't be back with new episodes until Feb. 15, but Seth MacFarlane's other Fox family does return tonight, and the Smiths aren't in a very good way. For starters, Steve has scoliosis. And Stan must decide whether to come out of the closet — as a bald man. Meanwhile, Forest Whitaker returns in his guest-voice role as zealous cop Turlington, only now he's the house detective at a posh spa and he's out to nail Roger. Jon Cryer and Niecy Nash also have guest spots. —Paul Droesch

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The L Word
Jenny and Shane's estrangement has the gal gang taking sides between "the martyrs [and] the cheaters"; Bette and Tina have a line on another adoptive baby; someone (a very surprising someone) is pregnant; Alice and Tasha take their relationship woes to a counselor; Phyllis gets an unexpected proposal (in a most unexpected manner); and Bette's old college roommate (Elizabeth Berkley) shows up in town. Hmm, wonder where that's headed. —Ray Stackhouse

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