Amanda Tapping and Joe Flanigan, Stargate Atlantis Amanda Tapping and Joe Flanigan, Stargate Atlantis

Stargate Atlantis
9 pm/ET Sci Fi
If you placed a bet that the series would end with the Wraith somehow threatening Earth, you may collect your winnings. The 100th and final episode kicks off with recurring frenemy Todd (Christopher Heyerdahl) tipping off the team about a rogue hive ship that gets bigger and meaner as it gets closer to our world. SG-1 alumna and Sanctuary lead Amanda Tapping turns up in the spin-off's swan song. — Michael Chant

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Howie Do It
8 pm/ET NBC
Howie Mandel has spent the last few years forcing contestants on Deal or No Deal to suffer through the agony of seemingly endless suspense. And now he's found a new way to make average Joes and the viewers at home squirm: a prank show. The series follows regular folks auditioning for television roles who find themselves in strange and uncomfortable situations. The gags in tonight's premiere include a singing telegram at a funeral, a nightmarish dating show and an inept waiter. — Brie Hearn

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9 pm/ET USA
Monk's seventh season resumes tonight after a long hiatus and finds the oddball detective dealing with family drama. Steve Zahn guest stars as Monk's half brother, Jack Jr., who escapes from prison and breaks into Monk's apartment. Jack wants his brother to help him find the person who framed him for murder, but it takes some serious manipulation to get Monk on board. Psych also returns with a new episode tonight at 10 pm/ET. — Brie Hearn

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9 pm/ET CBS
This series proved to be more than just a flash-in-the-pan drama about a Toronto Strategic Response Unit when it premiered this past summer. Its respectable, if not spectacular, ratings were good enough to green-light a second season, which begins tonight. The SRU gets a last-minute security job to protect a visiting billionaire and his wife, who are scheduled to attend a benefit at a ritzy hotel. What looks like a real snooze quickly turns into a wake-up call for the unit members when they allow the wife to be kidnapped on their watch. — Tim Holland

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10 pm/ET CBS
Die-hard fans may recall a terrific two-part episode from Sept. 2006 about a 30-year-old Texas schoolteacher who goes on a cross-country crime spree with her 17-year-old lover, Buck Winters (David Gallagher). The teacher kidnaps Megan when Buck is arrested for murder. Eventually, Megan escapes and Don tracks down the woman and fatally shoots her. Tonight it's Buck who escapes, and he's hell-bent on finding — and killing — Don. — Tim Holland

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