Kathryn Morris and Raymond J. Barry, Cold Case Kathryn Morris and Raymond J. Barry, Cold Case

Cold Case
9 pm/ET CBS
Period music is one of the strong points of the series, and occasionally an episode will focus exclusively on one artist, such as Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen. Tonight the music of Frank Sinatra is in the spotlight as Lilly investigates the 1960 murder of a stewardess who was attempting to organize a union. As the hour unfolds, Ol' Blue Eyes is heard crooning "Come Fly With Me," "Too Marvelous for Words," "I've Got the World on a String," "Little Girl Blue" and "Someone to Watch Over Me." — Tim Holland

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CNBC Reports 2008: A Year on the Brink
8 pm/ET CNBC
As 2008 enters the history books, Maria Bartiromo recaps the year's ups and downs. And what a year it was: The nation elected its first black president, Michael Phelps set records at the Olympics and, of course, U.S. financial fortunes went into free fall. Wall Street pillars Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers collapsed, a credit crisis took root and a financial cure — the $700 billion bailout — may or may not work. Add in a recession, layoffs, the Big Three automakers' problems...Indeed, it's a year Americans will be glad to be done with. — Jeff Gemmill

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Sunday Night Football
8:15 pm/ET NBC
The Cowboys-Giants game last week got the highest Sunday night TV ratings of the season. That mark may only last a week, because the NFC's top two teams, the Panthers and Giants, battle it out tonight for the top spot in the conference and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. It's hard to imagine a more thoughtful gift from NBC and the NFL. — Dave Roeder

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Nick News with Linda Ellerbee
9 pm/ET Nickelodeon
When one hears about child poverty in America, the first images that come to mind are typically those of kids in run-down parts of inner cities. Tonight's episode looks at some very different images that are less publicized, yet equally disturbing: children living in downtrodden rural communities, some of which have contaminated water. Other problems these kids face include a lack of public transportation, cars, telephones and health insurance, all of which makes their daily lives a struggle. — Jennifer Sankowski

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8 pm/ET Showtime
In the third-season finale, things are intensifying in a big way up on the Hill, and major players are landing in the hospital. With Donatello on the critical list, word is that Tommy may be next in line for Speaker of the House. And Freddie Cork, now a member of Michael's crew, sees an opportunity to cozy up to the powerful pol. Michael's "little misunderstanding...with some business colleagues," aka his hit on Nozzoli, may have backfired, as Nozzoli is out of surgery. — Ray Stackhouse

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