Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother
8:30 pm/ET CBS
Ted and Barney have progressed from slap bets to outright fighting. The two have their own reasons to brawl: Ted wants to prove that he's not a complete failure for being ditched at the altar, and Barney wants to impress Robin, who thinks fighting is, well, hot. The unwitting innocents happen to be some guys who are sitting in their favorite booth at the bar. — Bill Ecklund

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Gossip Girl
8 pm/ET CW
The previews for tonight's episode show Lily concerned about a secret from her past coming out. She says that Chuck knows something about the secret, and then there's that clip of her slapping Chuck. As for Bart, he's not seen in the previews, and at the very end of last week's episode, Lily got a phone call that Bart was in an accident and she was visibly upset. Tonight, a "tragedy" occurs. Are these events connected or just a coincidence that are in no way related? Either way, tonight's a can't-miss episode. — Jennifer Sankowski

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Boston Legal
9 pm/ET ABC
After five seasons of often bizarre plots, occasional buffoonery and — whether you agreed with it or not — frequently biting social commentary, court is adjourned for David E. Kelley's dramedy. In a two-hour series finale, Crane Poole & Schmidt's financial troubles may precipitate the firm's sale to the Chinese; Alan is set for a rematch with the U.S. Supreme Court to plead for Denny's access to an experimental Alzheimer's drug; and Shirley and Carl prepare to get hitched. — Joe Friedrich

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8 pm/ET NBC
Chuck's slooow progress from superzero to superhero continues. Here, he taps into his fledgling spying skills to stake out none other than Sarah — watching from the shadows as she dates an older gentleman (Gary Cole), a mystery man who could prove perilous to her welfare. And Chuck always has chuckles, particularly with Morgan in the picture. The geeky boy-man finally wants to grow up, but his quest for maturity gets derailed, despite help from Captain Awesome. — Dean Maurer

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Charlie Brown Christmas
8 pm/ET ABC
Forget about it. It's simply the best holiday special ever. Not only do we get the great music and Snoopy's penguin impersonation, there's also the crazy dance sequence, the tragic little tree and Linus lisping his way into our hearts with his take on the true meaning of Christmas. The hour also includes animated vignettes based on old Peanuts strips, including one in which Sally pens a misguided missive to "Samantha Claus." — Damian Holbrook

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