Rachel Griffiths, Steven Weber Rachel Griffiths, Steven Weber

Brothers & Sisters
10:01 pm/ET ABC
Experienced Walker watchers know that family gatherings, no matter how noble their genesis, can turn sour in a hurry. So even though the drama usually unfolds around the dinner table, tonight it appears their King-Midas-in-reverse touch will extend to Nora's extreme makeover of her new house. Meanwhile, Holly has so far alienated just about every Walker except her partner, Tommy, but we'll see how he reacts after she offers Rebecca an important job at the winery — without his consent. — Joe Friedrich

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Amazing Race 13
8 pm/ET CBS
What will it take to be one of the final teams that will fly to Portland, Ore., for next week's finale and a chance to win the $1 million top prize? Speed? Teamwork? A knowledgeable cabdriver? How about just hanging on to your passports? Teams have done a lot of stupid things over the course of Race's 13 editions, but tonight's colossal error by one duo — losing their passports and all of their money — is unprecedented, and it prevents them from joining their fellow racers at next week's finish line. — Tim Holland

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10 pm/ET Showtime
Hank has a lot on his mind these days. He's in the midst of a health scare and is sweating it out waiting for the results. In a conversation with Charlie, he admits to regret about his self-destructive, self-loathing ways and whether he gave the relationship with Karen his best shot. This leads to him recalling how things were during his early days with her. Karen, in turn, winds up being the catalyst for an amusing moment in which Hank catches her and Ashby in a chummy moment and the jealous ex proceeds to get into a slapstick scuffle with the record producer. — Ray Stackhouse

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Snoop Dogg's Father Hood
10:30 pm/ET E!
Money can't buy you everything, as Snoop discovers in the second-season premiere when he sends his son Corde to a top-notch football camp for quarterbacks. Snoop sees his son as a future NFL QB, but Corde isn't so sure and doesn't really want to be at camp, even if you get personalized instruction from Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. At home, Shante is thinking of pigskin of another sort when she makes plans to build a barn in the backyard so she can raise farm animals and house pets together. — Tim Holland

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Summer Heights High
10:30 pm/ET HBO
Last week Mr. G came up with an idea for his musical, which, in his typically inappropriate fashion, will focus on the overdose of a Summer Heights student. So tonight comes the audition process, and the drama teacher is certainly in his element when it comes to weeding out those who don't meet his highest of standards. Elsewhere at school, Ja'mie's new friends find little humor in her Internet joke, and a drawing by Jonah brings his father in for a very tense meeting. — Joe Friedrich

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