Candace Cameron Bure, Christopher Wiehl, Moonlight & Mistletoe Candace Cameron Bure, Christopher Wiehl, Moonlight & Mistletoe

Moonlight & Mistletoe
9 pm/ET Hallmark
"Jolly" might not be the first word people would use to describe Tom Arnold, but the sarcastic comedian-actor dodges typecasting tonight as he plays the head Santa and owner of a year-round Christmas attraction called Santaville. When the business begins to falter, his estranged daughter (Candace Cameron Bure) returns home to help her dad save Santaville from a mysterious investor. During the course of their efforts, father and daughter also take steps to repair their damaged relationship. — Brie Hearn

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Ellen's Even Bigger Really Big Show
9 pm/ET TBS
Ellen has not left the building. Our host with the most, Ellen DeGeneres, is instead in the house, holding court over this retro variety show and presenting her own pick of eclectic global entertainers, including Dutch illusionist Hans Klok, celebrity impressionists, dancers and music acts. DeGeneres also delivers her own wry brand of stand-up comedy and appears in vignettes. The show — recorded Nov. 20 at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas — kicks off a weekend-long series of Comedy Festival specials on TBS. — Dean Maurer

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Mighty B
9 pm/ET Nickelodeon
A double dose of Bessie's adventures are on tap tonight, including a Thanksgiving-themed episode. But first, an embarrassing incident occurs at a troop meeting that forces Bessie to do the unthinkable: resign from the Honeybees! This makes Bessie extremely blue, but an item in the handbook could turn things around for her. Then, Bessie wins a contest that allows her to meet Honeybees founder Miriam Breedlove. However, Bessie's nerves are not cooperating, and her anxiety may get the best of her. — Jennifer Sankowski

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Funniest Movies of the Year: 2008
10 pm/ET TBS
Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Burn After Reading. Get Smart. Tropic Thunder. Those are just a few of the fave funny flicks released this year. But which one was the funniest? Impression impresario Frank Caliendo hosts this offbeat countdown of 2008's most humorous films, punctuated by a collection of rib-tickling movie scenes and grouped in categories like Painfully Funny, Animal Behavior, Love Hurts, Car Trouble and Say What?Dean Maurer

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Trading Spaces
10 pm/ET TLC
Hollywood stunt men obviously love taking risks, but tonight two ultracompetitive members of that trade take a different kind of risk when they swap keys and redecorate each other's rooms, with help from designers Laurie Hickson-Smith and Nancy Hadley. There's a lot at stake for a rookie who's looking to impress his veteran mentor. The latter, on the other hand, isn't about to let the new kid show him up. — Karen Andzejewicz

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