Tony Shalhoub Tony Shalhoub

9 pm/ET USA
We haven't seen Adrian Monk in action since September, but tonight the wait comes to an end — at least temporarily. In this special Christmas episode, three homeless men seek out Monk during the holidays to investigate the death of their friend. Meanwhile, Capt. Stottlemeyer finds some Christmas inspiration after visiting a fountain at a monastery that alleviated his chronic pain. — Brie Hearn

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SpongeBob SquarePants
8 pm/ET Nickelodeon
It's fun with SpongeBob quadrupled as four new episodes air consecutively tonight. The undersea antics start as Pearl gets ready for her slumber party and her meddling dad gets in her way. She sends him away to SpongeBob's, so Mr. Krabs then has SpongeBob head over to his house and act as a spy. Next, SpongeBob enters Gary in a pet show, but Gary is hesitant to undergo a makeover. Soon Gary learns that his competition feels the same way he does. — Jennifer Sankowski

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Guy's Family Feast
10 pm/ET Food Network
It's a family affair when Guy Fieri's relatives stop by the studio to help the spiky-haired host prepare some of their favorite dishes in front of a live studio audience. The menu includes Nor Cal cioppino, "wicked" pork and malty "strawnana" beverages (with and without rum). As the host would say, it's "off the hook." — Karen Andzejewicz

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Kids + Money
7 pm/ET HBO
All the current fretting about financial bailouts and bursting bubbles can make one yearn for, among other things, the innocence of childhood, right? Guess again. In this 2008 documentary, Emmy-winner Lauren Greenfield (Thin) asks adolescents and preteens across the socioeconomic spectrum in Los Angeles for their opinions about materialism and popularity, and some of their answers would indicate that history won't take long in repeating itself. — Joe Friedrich

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10 pm/ET USA
The detective duo from Psych also get into the holiday spirit tonight as they help a girl free a mall Santa from jail. Their heartwarming mission quickly sours, however, when they discover they've been conned. The investigation becomes a family affair for Gus, whose visiting sister helps the guys with the case while also plotting to repeat a fling she once had with Shawn. Phylicia Rashad and Keith David guest star as Gus' parents. — Brie Hearn

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