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Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, Nov. 24, 2008

Dancing With the Stars8 pm/ET ABC It's all come down to this: the finals! Brooke Burke, Lance Bass and Warren Sapp duke it out to get their hands on that coveted mirror-ball trophy. Read on for previews of Heroes, Two and a Half Men, Boston Legal and Prison Break.

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Dancing With the Stars
8 pm/ET ABC
It's all come down to this: the finals! Brooke Burke, Lance Bass and Warren Sapp duke it out to get their hands on that coveted mirror-ball trophy. Brooke has been the front-runner all season, but last week she slipped and Lance overtook her. Will he do it again tonight? And don't count out Warren: The last four winners have all been athletes, so he's looking to continue that trend. All three will dance tonight, but only one will win tomorrow. — Jennifer Sankowski
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9 pm/ET NBC
If last week's episode title of "It's Coming" wasn't enough to impart an impending sense of doom, the various shots of eclipses should have done the trick. Tonight the eclipse begins. Now that Arthur has figured out that Claire is the catalyst for "the formula," he renews his effort to capture her by sending Sylar and Elle after her. Meanwhile, the other Petrelli brothers look for the one man who can stop their father — the Haitian. Seth Green and Breckin Myer guest star. — Brie Hearn
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Two and a Half Men
9 pm/ET CBS
Given Charlie's reputation, it's safe to say he's had his share of close calls with angry husbands, boyfriends and other significant others, and he knows all the tricks. But he probably never thought he'd use those skills to protect...Jake!?! The little guy disappears with the daughter of a really, really big guy, Charlie's new neighbor and former NFL player (Michael Clarke Duncan), and Charlie has to run interference to protect his nephew. — Bill Ecklund
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Boston Legal
10:02 pm/ET ABC
The late, great comic George Carlin once joked that sex on Thanksgiving is rare because all the coats are on the bed. So after Alan failed to get Denny's permission to sleep with Shirley last week, he probably won't have much success tonight either, especially when the guest list for a November feast at Shirley's includes Carl, Alan, Denny, Jerry, Katie and emotionally unstable partner Edwin Poole (Larry Miller). — Joe Friedrich
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Prison Break
9 pm/ET Fox
Michael cracks Scylla tonight (just after the first commercial break), but if you think that it's happily-ever-after time, just remember that Prison Break's fall season still has a month to go and a spring season will follow early next year. So don't expect the gang to revel in this particular victory for long.  Still, this episode is a story-line changer, and if this were advertising copy, we'd say something like: "Nothing will ever be the same again!" — Paul Droesch
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