Gossip Girl by Eric Liebowitz/The CW Gossip Girl by Eric Liebowitz/The CW
Blaire May Have a Bun in the Oven She's not! There's no way! Blaire can't be pregnant! Can she? Ok, clearly she can be, but how are we going to make it until tonight without knowing if she'll see a + or on her home pregnancy test (or which guy is the baby daddy for that matter)? All we know is that everyone better tune in tonight (or at the very least, double check your DVRs) because not only is this episode one of the best to date, it's the last one your going to see for a good while...until that pesky little writers' strike gets resolved.

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More online videos Project Runway Goes Teeny-Boppin' When Heidi tells the designers their next challenge is to design a dress for one of the most important days in woman's life, the first thing that came to our minds was a wedding day or the birth of a child (could you imagine a hospital gown challenge?). But alas, we were wrong- their next task is actually to design the perfect prom dress for a hoard of 16-year-olds. Like, OMG, we totally can't wait for all that satin and sequins to hit the runway. Watch it now! | More online videos The Real World Leaves the Down Under After what proved to be an anti-climatic season (where the brunettes prevailed over the blondes as far as lasting the entire season), the Sydney installment of the Real World is coming to a close. What can you expect in the one hour finale? Dunbar's anger issues towards women, KellyAnne gettin' up on other guys and Parisa throwing her two cents into everyone's business. *Yawn* Yeah, we didn't see that one coming or anything. Watch it now! | More online videos Your take:Do you think Blair is preggers? How about that new challenge on Runway? Or better yet, has anyone even been watching this season of Real World?