Eric Breaden, Michael Bolten and Cobie Smulders, How I Met Your Mother Eric Breaden, Michael Bolten and Cobie Smulders, How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother
8:30 pm/ET CBS
Yes, this sitcom is blessed with the scene-stealing Barney, but it's sometimes taken for granted that the show works so well because all of the actors are so effortlessly good together. Tonight's episode employs a device that has worked well in the past and gives all the cast members a chance to shine. Ted runs into a past acquaintance that he'd rather avoid, and (like the episode in which everyone shared memories of Marshall's beloved Fiero) everyone gets to discuss how they would react in the same situation. - Bill Ecklund

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Gossip Girl
8 pm/ET CW
Last week, Jenny was being heavily influenced by new pal Agnes, and that trend continues tonight. Little J attempts to make it on her own as a 15-year-old fashion designer and - with Agnes' help - stages an unconventional fashion show that could either launch or end her career. Meanwhile, Blair also takes on a possible make-it-or-break-it situation regarding getting into Yale: She babysits the teen daughter of a prominent Yale daughter, and the girl proves to be quite a handful as she experiences NYC. - Jennifer Sankowski

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Boston Legal
10:02 pm/ET ABC
Denny never seems to tire of talking about his mad cow disease, so he must think it's bovine intervention when he and Alan help a cattle rancher sue the USDA to permit her to test her herd. It should be noted that the rancher is played by Valerie Bertinelli, so it's either this show's habit for breaking the fourth wall or Denny's declining faculties - or both - that he can't stop thinking she's actually...Valerie Bertinelli. Rene Auberjonois and Julie Bowen also guest star. - Joe Friedrich

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Prison Break
9 pm/ET Fox
We're entering the second half of the fall season tonight, and the pace picks up. So does the body count. And Michael's health isn't getting any better, either. Meanwhile, T-Bag proves once again how devastatingly quick a thinker he is (he's every bit as smart as Michael), and Gretchen proves the adage that you can take the gal out of the Company, but you can't take the Company out of the gal. Or can you? - Paul Droesch

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Saturday Night Live Presidential Bash 2008
9 pm/ET NBC
SNL's cutting political satire gets our vote. And as a sizzling political race draws to a close, it's only fitting that the ready-for-prime-time show offers this politically themed special, a mix of new material and a collection of clips from the archives. On the ballot tonight: Fred Armisen's portrayal of Barack Obama; Amy Poehler's rendering of Hillary Clinton; Chevy Chase's stumbling lampoon of Gerald Ford; and Will Ferrell's satirical bushwhacking of George W. Bush. - Dean Maurer

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