Jason Isaacs, Brotherhood Jason Isaacs, Brotherhood

8 pm/ET Showtime
A new season (No. 3) of intrigue and infighting kicks off among the fractious Caffee family of Providence, R.I. Ruthless Freddie Cork is getting out of prison and that doesn't sit well with Michael the hood, while Tommy the pol becomes increasingly frustrated as his power fades and he's relegated to being "[Speaker] Donatello's little errand boy." Materfamilias Rose's birthday approaches, and she's less interested in celebrating than in covering up her health problems. Things conclude with a jarring final scene. - Ray Stackhouse

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The Simpsons
8 pm/ET Fox
The series' "Treehouse of Horror" franchise has been a winner since its inception, and this 19th edition doesn't disappoint. There's some political humor for election season, an unhinged spoof of Transformers, a dark parody of Mad Men and a totally twisted take on a holiday classic with "It's the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse." - Fred Mitchell

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Family Guy
9 pm/ET Fox
What's the first thing you'd do if you were given a year's supply of gasoline? If you're Peter Griffin (and don't ask how he got it), you'd fill Stewie's baby bottle with it. ("We're a gas family now.") OK, Stewie is a handful, but really! Then, after using more gas for a spin in a space shuttle, it's time for a family road trip and a Griffin-style send-up of Home Alone, featuring poor Stewie. - Paul Droesch

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Army Wives
10 pm/ET Lifetime
Relationship woes abound - with no sign of letting up - in the second-season finale of Lifetime's military soap. Pamela has doubts about her decision to get married, while Denise continues to explore life separated from Frank, who is still overseas. However, Roxy is the one in for a surprise when she gets an unexpected visit from Betty's nephew, Collin (Ivan Sergei). - Rhoda Charles

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10 pm/ET Showtime
Love (or sex) is all around in this snappy and provocative episode. Hank's book research leads him to Ashby's mysterious ex, and later it appears that Sonja's live-in lover is doing more than just mentoring his rocker-chick client when Hank catches teacher and student in flagrante. This leads to a touchy debate with Karen over who should be the one to tell the cheated-on Sonja. And Marcy comes home early from work to find her house turned into a porno-movie set commandeered by a filmmaker who offers her a tasty role. - Ray Stackhouse

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