Wendell Pierce, Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz, Numb3rs Wendell Pierce, Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz, Numb3rs

10 pm/ET CBS
Now that Charlie's FBI security clearance has been restored, he is back putting his brain to use cracking criminal cases. Tonight that involves cracking into the mind of a shipping-service employee with savant-like abilities. Someone is stealing big-ticket items from the company, and the clues to the case are locked inside of the man's head. And while that may be tough, Don has it even rougher. One of his men is killed in the line of duty, and it makes him question his faith in the Bureau. - Tim Holland

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Ghost Hunters Live
7 pm/ET Sci Fi
Here's a grim estimation: If you're a ghost hunter, you might have a better chance of seeing a ghost if you're camped at a site where a lot of people died. Sounds reasonable, right? Let's hope so for the team or it's going to be a long Halloween night. Guests Amanda Tapping and Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin join the hunt as TAPS goes trick-or-treating at Fort Delaware, a former Civil War stronghold where thousands of captured Confederate soldiers perished. Tune in to see if the South will rise again. - Michael Chant

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Ghost Whisperer
8 pm/ET CBS
The sudden death of a high-school athlete, so young and in the prime of health, would be mystery enough, but tonight Melinda has to unravel the perplexing fact that the young woman is following a family that is not her own. - Bill Ecklund

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Lipstick Jungle
10 pm/ET NBC
Tonight the gals make the move to their new time slot on Friday nights in an episode directed by Andrew McCarthy. After weeks of work (and one affair with a contractor), Victory is finally ready to launch her flagship store. But she soon learns that Dahlia's extravagant plans for the opening are way over budget. Little does Victory know, Joe is also making some plans of his own that may surprise her. - Brie Hearn

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Super WHY!
9 am/ET PBS
It's a fun-filled Halloween morn on PBS for the kiddies, as Super WHY! finds Littlest Pig and pals learning about the holiday when the pretend goblins and scary monsters leave the porcine too petrified to go trick-or-treating. Earlier in the morning, the Pig on the delightful WordWorld is mistaken for a ghost while sleepwalking on Halloween eve and Sheep makes herself a special Halloween costume; Martha Speaks finds the pooch scared of a "haunted" house; and Arthur and friends investigate a strange noise Sue Ellen heard in the woods. - Jeff Gemmill

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