Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes

10 pm/ET CBS
Call it "Indiana Jones and the Club of Doom." An Indy-like archaeologist is gunned down outside of a revered adventure club after he tells an eager group that he believes he dug up an artifact that unlocks the solution to one of New York City's oldest murder mysteries. He doesn't reveal what the find is, so it's up to Mac and Stella to piece everything together. - Tim Holland

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Pushing Daisies
8 pm/ET ABC
Translations vary for the culinary conglomerate "dim sum," but it basically boils down to something that "touches the heart." So when Emerson's investigation of a murder at a Chinese restaurant reunites him with onetime crush Simone, will it warm the case-hardened Cod's cockles? And over at the Pie Hole, Ned is surprised when the mysterious Dwight Dixon (Stephen Root) shows up inquiring about Ned's father. - Joe Friedrich

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The New Adventures of Old Christine
8:30 pm/ET CBS
Tim DeKay has appeared in lots of TV episodes through the years, but his 1996 guest shot on Seinfeld as the "Bizarro Jerry," who is in many ways Jerry's twin, may be his most memorable. Tonight DeKay is reunited with Julia Louis-Dreyfus when he plays one of two guys that Christine and Barb meet at a video store and go out with on a double date. Serious jealousy follows when one of the dates goes a lot better than the other one. - Tim Holland

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Lipstick Jungle
10 pm/ET NBC
Some dreams require no interpretation. After Victory has a vivid nightmare about Joe falling down a mountain and breaking his neck, she discovers that he's training to climb the Matterhorn. Has Victory suddenly developed ESP? Or is this just further proof of the spunky designer's undeniable connection with her ex-flame? - Brie Hearn

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Dirty Sexy Money
10:01 pm/ET ABC
It's almost Election Day, not only in the real world but for TV families, too. Senatorial candidate Patrick Darling has his hands full with the election but also with his brother-in-law, who is demanding to know the truth about Ellen's death. Add to this Patrick's desire to take his relationship with Camelita public and his father's strong opposition to this plan. For those not in politics, life's not much easier: Nick and Lisa try couples therapy to work out their issues, and Brian's son goes missing. - Jennifer Sankowski

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