Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettiere, Heroes Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettiere, Heroes

9 pm/ET NBC
Last week's episode left several characters in perilous positions as Nathan and Tracy were captured by a much-changed Suresh, and Peter's reunion with his dear old dad left him trapped and — even worse — stripped of his powers. Needless to say, Mamma Petrelli is not pleased by Peter's abduction and asks Sylar to go after his brother. In guest-star news, Kristen Bell returns tonight as the electrifying Elle. — Brie Hearn

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Raising the Bar
10 pm/ET TNT
The overly familiar courtroom drama's freshman season begins winding down (the finale airs next week) with idealistic public defender Jerry Kellerman going full court: He defends an HIV-positive man leveled with attempted murder charges for spitting at a police officer. Making matters worse is Jerry's legal opponent, an overbearing, self-important DA from the Major Crimes Unit. And here comes da judge: Judge Kessler invites Charlie along for a trip to Italy. — Dean Maurer

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Gossip Girl
8 pm/ET CW
Willa Holland stirred up trouble as Marissa's little sister on The O.C., and now she's arrived to do the same thing on Gossip Girl as Agnes, a young model who befriends Jenny. Just as things seem to be on track for Little J, Agnes convinces her to tap into her wild side and have some fun, and she also motivates her to stand up to Eleanor at work. Meanwhile, Serena meets a new guy, an artist named Aaron Rose, and the two of them click instantly. As for Chuck and Blair: Like he told her last week, now it's time for her to chase him. — Jennifer Sankowski

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Samantha Who?
9:32 pm/ET ABC
It's good news and bad news for Sam in this episode. The good news: a clinical trial for a new medication enables her to regain some memory fragments. The bad news: what she remembers is what a cast-iron beeyatch she was. Meanwhile, Andrea is insulted when she and Dena are mistaken for a lesbian couple. It's not that she takes being thought gay as a slur. She just insists she could have a much hotter partner if she were. — Fred Mitchell

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Paranormal State
10 pm/ET A&E
There are hauntings...and then there are hauntings. The team encounters one of its scariest cases in Quincy, Ill., where a 26-year-old woman claims that she has been troubled by a malevolent spirit that has actually harmed her physically — and says she has the photographs to prove it. — Bill Ecklund

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