Steve Carell, <i>The Office</i> Steve Carell, The Office

The Office
9 pm/ET NBC
As the office turns, indeed. This dawning season has already boasted plenty of interesting character growth (or regression) and solid soapy satire. Pam is spreading her wings in art school; Jim proposed to Pam; Ryan fell down the corporate ladder; Andy is futilely wooing Angela as she secretly couples with Dwight; and high-maintenance Jan is preggers. Speaking of that pregnancy, Michael prepares for her delivery tonight, practicing various birthing situations with Dwight. And for Jan's benefit, Michael gives the false impression that he dislikes Holly (Amy Ryan). — Dean Maurer

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
9 pm/ET CBS
You just never know what a hypnotist may ask you to do while you are undergoing therapy. She just may tell you to rob a bank. That's what the CSIs believe a shady shrink may be doing with some patients after one of them turns up dead. Fans of Jorja Fox will also be pleased to know that Sara Sidle appears in tonight's episode. That's always a good thing. — Tim Holland

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Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday
9:31 pm/ET NBC
SNL has always had a finger on the pulse of the body politic. Reflect back to 1975, when Chevy Chase skewered President Gerald Ford as a stumbling, bumbling, fumbling simpleton, then jump to this season, which has been marked by Tina Fey's splendid recurring spoof of Sarah Palin. As the searing Obama-McCain race continues to get hotter, NBC follows up last week's well-received outing with another ready-for-prime-time lampoon of politics and headline news, all wrapped around the late-night show's "Weekend Update" segment. — Dean Maurer

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Grey's Anatomy
9 pm/ET ABC
Ellis Grey might have gone on to that great OR in the sky, but her spirit doesn't seem to have gone too far. Indeed, it has to be a major component of the cloud that's always hovering over Meredith's head. And tonight the forecast calls for stormy weather after Derek finds mommy dearest's old diary in Meredith's house. Meanwhile, you can expect a new Callie-Erica development (now officially "dating"). And how did George do on his resident's exam? Perhaps we'll find out tonight. — Paul Droesch

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10 pm/ET Sundance
This always interesting series — in which an eclectic group of celebrities, innovators and visionaries come together to share their passions and creative processes — kicks off its fourth season tonight. In the premiere episode, Nobel Prize recipient and outspoken human-rights activist Archbishop Desmond Tutu meets with British entrepreneur and humanitarian Sir Richard Branson, as the two discuss their inspirations and belief in the power of the individual to change the world. — Michael Scheinfeld

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