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Tommy from Power Talks About Filming That Shocking Death Scene

There are a few silver linings after one character's death.

Malcolm Venable

Warning: spoilers from the latest episode of Power below. Read at your own risk!

Well damn, Tommy. You done really did it now. What a mess!

Yup, Tommy (Joseph Sikora) went and choked the life out of Holly (Lucy Walters) in a blind fit of coked-up rage in Power's most recent episode. If we're being honest though, Holly's murder does come with a few silver linings.

First of all, #byeFelicia. I mean, these two were a train wreck from the start; we knew she was trash the moment we saw her swipe Tasha's earrings. Her lips were way too loose to be in the business, Jamie (Omari Hardwick) hated her and it's highly likely her shifty self was looking for ways to swindle Tasha (Naturi Naughton) and Keisha (Lala Anthony) at the beauty salon, too. Even Tommy's retired, Joanne the Scammer-ass mom knew something in Holly's milk wasn't clean, which really says a whole damn lot. Sure, it's never a cause for celebration to see somebody get strangled, but in this case she kinda had it coming. She really set Jamie up to be killed!

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"Everybody on the show is doing something they shouldn't be doing," showrunner Courtney Kemp told TVGuide.com. And before you even think about letting your fingers start tapping angry tweets or write some "What Holly's death says about violence against women" think piece for the Huffington Post, you should know that the show's boss -- who by the way is female -- isn't tripping. "The thing is, what is the reality of this world?" she said, talking about Power. Tommy has been shooting people and setting them on fire since we met him, and Holly was no angel either. "I am determined to let the stories come to their logical conclusion," Kemp said. "Once I push the snowball off the cliff, I am committed to the avalanche."

Lucy Walters as Holly, Power Jessica Miglio/Starz

The second silver lining here is that Tommy and Jamie (Omari Hardwick) are back to being boys again. It was Jamie, after all, who showed up to help Tommy when he needed it most and Tommy can now be sure that his messy momma was right: there really is nobody else on Earth who'll be there for him like Jamie. Now, we hope, the two can be united stronger than ever. Ghost literally knows where Tommy's bodies are buried -- not that he didn't before, of course, but this one is most certainly different. It's hard to believe Holly's disappearance won't go unnoticed. Not only was she becoming closer to Tasha, she was also once part of Angela's (Lela Loren) federal investigation and those feds have a pesky habit of not forgetting witnesses.

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The third good thing to come out of Holly's death is also a bad thing. The good news is that there's now no one around to keep nagging Tommy about following Lobos' order to kill Ghost. That's except of course for Lobos himself, who showed Tommy and Holly he was about that life when he had somebody put their pooch to permanent sleep. Unfortunately, Lobos isn't so preoccupied with how his gardener is pruning his roses that he's going to forget he wants Jamie dead (and now maybe Tommy too) but at least now the bros have each other to figure this thing out.

As for the filming of that shocking scene, Sikora said it was challenging. "It was the most difficult day at work of my life," he told TVGuide.com. It was a really quiet day on set. We talked over the scene," he said, and for a while, they held each other. "She was kind of in my lap, with me holding her between takes, just continuing the bond. It was difficult to know that we weren't going to be working together any more."

But, he said, "I have never seen another actor in my 25 years of acting take a death so gracefully. She was 100 on board and prepared. She was gracious and incredible and inspiring until the end." R.I.P., Holly.

Power airs Sundays at 9/8c on Starz.