Want to work for Tommy Hilfiger? Many people do. And in his new Apprentice-style show, The Cut, 16 clotheshounds fight for a chance at a job with a $250,000 salary while designing their own collection under the Tommy Hilfiger label. Hilfiger took a break from running his "global lifestyle brand" to talk about his latest venture.
TV Guide: Why recruit designers through a TV show?
Tommy Hilfiger:
It's a fun idea. A lot of people think [what I do] is just about fashion design. It's much broader than that.

TVG: Some people might think you ripped off Bravo's Project Runway.
[That show] was coming to fruition as we were filming and everybody said, "Oh, they're stealing your idea." In fact, we are so different, it's night and day.

TVG: How so?
We're not just about designing clothes. It's about business acumen. It's about social skills. It's about dealing with celebs.

TVG: Will any of your famous friends be stopping by?
There will be guest appearances by different celebrities and there will be a number of surprises. It's going to be very exciting for the audience.

TVG: Were you very involved in the whole process?
I was involved every step of the way. Being in control of my own company for so long has trained me to really be in control of everything I do. I have a reputation to protect.

TVG: Do you have any Omarosas in the bunch?
You wouldn't believe the personalities. I didn't realize how quirky, back-stabbing and catty [they] would be because I personally didn't do the casting. But they amazed me.

TVG: Any romances in the house?
There were secret romances, actually.

TVG: Will we see that on the show?
You'll be able to detect it. People were much more two-faced than I expected.

TVG: Did anything really off-the-wall go down?
I really can't tell you too much, but there was an incident on camera where a guy could have ruined his entire marriage.