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Tom Cruise Explains How You've Been Watching TV Wrong – and How to Fix It

Thanks, Tom!

Liam Mathews

Motion interpolation, aka motion smoothing, aka "the soap opera effect," is the devil's work. The HDTV setting is meant to reduce motion blur on things like sporting events, but it looks unnatural when applied to movies. It makes everything look hyperreal. And worst of all, it often comes enabled by default on HDTVs and people don't even know that what they're looking at is wrong.

Fortunately, Tom Cruise and Mission: Impossible - Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie are here to explain what motion smoothing is and how you can turn it off, so you can watch their incredible movie -- and whatever else you want to watch -- as the makers intended. The clip is informative and sort of entertaining. Tom Cruise is explaining how to turn off motion smoothing on your TV like he's Ethan Hunt instructing you how to defuse a bomb.

​Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie

Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie