Tom Cruise has filed a $100 million defamation suit against gay porn star Chad Slater (stage name

Kyle Bradford) charging that the X-rated performer told the French mag Actustar that he and the Mission: Impossible star had an affair that led to Cruise's split with wife Nicole Kidman. "There is not a germ of truth to this vicious, self-promoting story," the suit said. "While Cruise thoroughly respects others' rights to follow their own sexual preference, he is not a homosexual and had no relationship of any kind with Kyle Bradford and does not even know him." A sloppy message on read: "Due to uncontrolable circumstances will be unavailable for awhile. We appolagize for any inconvenience this may cause." (They're also sorry for misspelling "uncontrollable" and "apologize.") In a separate matter, Cruise's attorney, Dennis Wasser, said Wednesday that the actor was prepared to provide Kidman "with one-half of the community property, consisting of tens of millions of dollars."