Tom Brokaw Presents Bridging the Divide Tom Brokaw Presents Bridging the Divide

As part of USA Network's monthlong "Characters Unite" campaign to fight discrimination, Tom Brokaw will host a documentary looking at the progress made since the civil rights movement.

In Bridging the Divide, airing Friday at 7/6c on USA, Brokaw puts the spotlight on individuals across the country making a difference in the fight against social injustices. One such example is Luma Mufleh, a coach who has used soccer to help unite the children in her area who are refugees from 28 different war-torn countries.

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"My hope is to build the first school for refugees in the country ... to graduate them and then become community and international leaders," Mufleh says.

She stresses how important it is for her students to learn "that violence and war are not the answer."

Watch a sneak peek: