Dramatic headline, eh? But in a word, the answer is... no. Being booted from the Last Comic Standing madhouse last week didn't start Todd Glass thinking about switching to a career in Ginsu-knife sales. (He'd be good at it, though!) As another joker packs his or her bags in tonight's episode (9 pm/ET on Fox), TV Guide Online catches up with the funnyman who turns out to be — no kidding — as sensitive as he is silly.

TV Guide Online: Let's begin with the end — were you glad that in your head-to-head with Tammy Pescatelli, the vote was so close, or were you like, "Damn those five extra people who picked her!"?
Todd Glass:
I have a joke where I go, "I laughed so hard, I punched you in the uterus." My brother goes, "That probably lost you five women right there; I'm glad you like that joke so much that it was worth losing for!" When you think about it, there's probably some truth to that. But I was happy that it was close. It was better than it being 99 to 1.

TVGO: You were widely accused by your fellow comics of being too "on." Any regrets about adopting that strategy?
It really wasn't a strategy. They can't make you look like something you're not. So that [goofiness] is a part of me. I'm very happy with the way they made me look. [The producers] showed parts with me being serious, too, like when I lost. I wasn't trying to be wacky and silly. It bummed me out! But most of the time, I'm in a pretty good mood. I mean, I get to tell jokes for a living. I should run around in a good mood! Except when I lose. [Mock sobs]

TVGO: When is the dance remix of "The Attention Song" coming out?
[Laughs] That song was like time and place. Bonnie McFarlane and John Heffron and Gary Gulman and I were just being silly. Most of the time, Ant and Tammy and I got along all right, too, but they chose to do an impersonation of being on a reality show, which is a shame. They shouldn't have phoned it in like that. They should have been there, in the moment, because if they were, they would have said, "Todd was so funny last night!" Other times, they would have said, "Last night, he was a little too much." But they thought that an impersonation of a reality-show [participant] would be to just complain all the time.

TVGO: That Tammy is a killer strategist.
Yeah, but she didn't need to be. Tammy won because of her act. All that strategizing was a waste of time.

TVGO: Let's talk about the fracas on the tour bus. Even though you apparently started the argument, you managed to step back and let Ant and Corey Holcomb go at it instead. How?!
It's the same thing. Ant thought he had to act upset about something I said. Who even remembers what it was? And he was crying. He didn't look scared on the bus, did he? Look, it's like this: I might not hang out with a guy like Alonzo Bodden all the time, but when we did hang out, I liked him. Everybody in the house got along. The only reason I didn't enjoy Tammy and Ant as much was because they were off forming their alliances.

TVGO: They were playing Survivor while everybody else was playing Last Comic Standing.
That's better said than I said it. I know it's just a show, but it's hard not to analyze what they were doing.

TVGO: I'm sure they will, too, once they're off the show.
I don't think they'll own it. They'll blame it on the editing. "The show made me look like this!"

TVGO: When I spoke with Bonnie last week, she said there was incredible sexual tension between you and her, but you wouldn't give it up. What's the deal with that?
Bonnie said that? [Laughs] Tell Bonnie she can have me anytime she wants.

TVGO: I was kidding.

TVGO: But I'll tell her you said so, anyway. Now that millions of viewers know you are the secret love child of Mel Gibson and Fred Flintstone, have Mel's people been calling, offering you parts?
No, no. Ten years ago, I used to go into bars, and people would go, "Are you Treat Williams?" Hesitantly, they'd say it. So I would sort of play it up and take all the free drinks I could get!