Martha Stewart Martha Stewart

To borrow a phrase from the domestic diva herself, it appears The Apprentice: Martha Stewart is having a little trouble fitting into NBC's Wednesday lineup. The much-hyped spin-off debuted with a measly 7.6 million viewers and ranked a distant No. 2 behind ABC's Lost clips special. Speaking of Lost, a whopping 23 million viewers followed Jack and Co. into the hatch (Hi, Desmond!), and most of them  16.8 million to be exact  stuck around at 10 pm for the series premiere of Invasion. And over on Fox, Head Cases completely lost it in its second week, drawing just over 3 million viewers. On the bright side, I'm so gonna win TV Guide's "Which show will get axed first?" office pool. Just kidding. There's no office pool. Gambling is illegal. (Tee-hee.)