Every year, the cast of the Today Show goes all out with their Halloween costumes. Last year they were '90s icons, and the year before that they were — as if we could ever forget — the Peanuts gang. This year is no exception, as the team dressed up as country music icons and did some live-band karaoke, sometimes even joined by the people they were imitating!

Carson Daly was Billy Ray Cyrus, complete with mullet; Kathie Lee Gifford was Miley Cyrus; Hoda Kotb was Blake Shelton; Megyn Kelly was Shania Twain; Matt Lauer was Dolly Parton, Savannah Guthrie was Kenny Rogers, and the wild card, Al Roker, was Willie Nelson.

Some of them got to meet their counterparts — the real Blake Shelton wore the exact same outfit as Hoda, making for a hilarious photo op, and Billy Ray Cyrus and Shania Twain were also on-hand, sans mullet and corset though. Check out their country costumes below!

Here's Carson Daly looking achy breaky.

"Every shred of my dignity is gone." - Megyn Kelly


What a lovely family.

If Matt Lauer was really committed to being Dolly Parton, he would have gotten tattoos all over his arms. (Seriously!)

And if Al Roker was really committed to being Willie Nelson, he would have smoked a fat doob before taking the stage.

Roker's Willie Nelson costume is still much better than the time he was Charlie Brown. He still shows up in my nightmares from time to time.

Al Roker, <em>Today</em>Al Roker, Today

Bonus: over on Good Morning America, they were superheroes — Marvel and DC! Note: Michael Strahan makes a really good Thor.

<em>Good Morning America</em>Good Morning America