Every Halloween, the cast of The Today Show goes all out with over-the-top, often impressive and occasionally "oh-no-they-didn't" Halloween costumes. (Who can forget Matt Lauer as Pamela Anderson from Baywatch in 2013?)

This year though, Today's "oh-no-they-didn't" was more of a quiet "oh no" as their take on the beloved Peanuts gang turned into, well, just have a look for yourself.

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The Today Show

Just in time for the theatrical release of the Peanuts film out Nov. 6, Today's friendly faces turned unintentionally frightening with their homage to Charlie Brown and his pals. While we certainly applaud the gang's spirit, we're clapping really slowly as we piece together how to fully appreciate just what's happening here.

Most Memorable Moments from The Today Show

Meredith's Pigpen is a fascinating study in how to do multi-colored tulle (are you paying attention, future Met Gala attendees?) while Willie Geist's Schroeder has hair the color of a tennis ball, which, actually, is what the kids are doing now and totally on trend.

Matt Lauer, who apparently enjoys a bit of gender-swapping on Halloween (cool with us, Matt!) probably fared the best here as a simple, unfussy Lucy while Al Roker as Charlie Brown is the best expression of the question, 'Just what ARE those squiggly things on everyone's head?!" The biggest "Huh?" of all though, goes to Kathie Lee Gifford as Woodstock, whose face kind of makes us think of the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth. All in all, we were as amused as we were freaked out, which, hey, is the point of Halloween anyway, right?

What do you think of The Today Show's Peanuts costumes?