With To All the Boys I've Loved Before, Netflix delivers a delightful teen romance that doesn't reinvent the genre but finds a way to make a well-known story feel refreshing and new with its earnest approach and predominately Asian cast. Based on Jenny Han's young adult novel of the same name, the film follows Lara Jean (Lana Condor), a hopeless romantic who's mortified when the private letters she wrote to her old crushes are suddenly mailed out. As an act of self-preservation, she pretends to date Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo), the most popular boy in school, who joins in on the charade to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. What follows is a feel-good journey of young love in which a fake relationship between heartbroken teens develops into something so earnest, sweet and real, it'll leave your heart swelling with pure bliss by movie's end.

And while this wonderfully whimsical romantic comedy served up a bevy of high school hunks (Hey there, Josh), none captured the internet's heart more than Lara Jean's fake boyfriend — and for good reason. Peter's boyish good looks and decidedly pure heart made us forget all about our fictional boyfriend Jake Ryan and wish Peter was real enough to call our own. Here's why we can't stop thinking about To All The Boy's dreamy, sensitive jock.

1. He'll go to the grocery store across town to get your favorite yogurt
Who needs Jake Ryan leaning against a red Corvette when you've got a guy willing to go out of his way to get his fake girlfriend her favorite snack without prompting? In a time when texting back within a few minutes seems like a considerable effort, Peter goes above and beyond to win Lara's heart, capturing ours in the process.

2. And put his hand in your back pocket before spinning you into his arms
Kissing is great but have you slow-walked through the cafeteria with your boo's hand in your back pocket while your peers stare on out of pure jealousy? Peter's innocent gesture might be old school, but its effectiveness cannot be denied. The simple move solidified their status as the exciting new couple on the block and made Lara Jean the envy of high schoolers the world over.

3. That hot tub scene!
Peter and Lara's fictional relationship dove into a real territory when these blossoming lovebirds shared an intimate moment in the hot tub, which is quite literally the steamiest place you could hook up on a ski trip. However, they kept things sweet and innocent despite a crude video that suggests otherwise. Never before has a guy pulling his girl onto his lap for some cutesy smooching felt so much like such a hopelessly romantic gesture.

4. He'll defend your honor
Lara Jean is perfectly capable of defending herself but we must commend Peter for leveraging his popularity to shut down those salacious rumors that their sweet hot tub kisses turned into a steamy hot tub hook up. In a moment when he could have easily caved in to peer pressure to advance his reputation, he came clean about their innocent affair, proving that in addition to teen heartthrob, he's also an upstanding gentleman.

5. He takes his designated driver duties seriously
And speaking of being an upstanding gentleman, while teen parties are the breeding ground for poor decisions, Peter kept his head on straight and abstained from drinking in order to ensure that he gets Lara home safe and sound. This should be a given but we're just glad Peter stuck by his word, remaining responsible and sober throughout the night.

6. He's the most considerate house guest you'll ever have
Moving a bowl of popcorn to ensure mess-free antics isn't rocket science but this small gesture showed us just how considerate Peter could be. If there's anything we want more in a boyfriend, it's someone who's always thinking about making life just a little more pleasant, from big moments like remembering your birthday to the smaller moments like saving you from vacuuming up those impossible to reach kernels.

7. And most importantly, he isn't afraid to express his feelings
Lara Jean likes to work out her intense romantic feelings through personalized letters, and it takes her the entire movie to build up the courage to do something that comes surprisingly easy to Peter: being open about how he feels. It's a rare quality that many of us yearn for, which is why Peter is our ideal high school paramour.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before is now streaming on Netflix.

<em>To All the Boys I've Loved Before</em>To All the Boys I've Loved Before