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TNT is developing a Firestarter sequel series written and produced by Supernatural's Robbie Thompson, the network announced Wednesday.

The Shop follows Charlie McGee, a girl with pryokinetic abilities, 20 years after seemingly destroying the mysterious organization that once exploited her. Now, Charlie has been tracked down by one of The Shop's former members, Henry Talbot, who introduces Charlie to other people with supernatural abilities. Upon learning The Shop is alive and worse than ever, the group teams up to destroy it for good.

TNT is developing six other scripted series, including Anonymous. The drama will focus on a highly trained, ex-Special Ops soldier who uncovers a global cover-up that forces him to go off the grid.

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Breed is a supernatural drama about a volatile race of creatures or are committing brutal murders in the Pacific Northwest and the reluctant FBI investigator and his partner, a female assassin, who track them.

From producer Donnie WahlbergEd McBain's 87th Precinct is inspired by the long-running crime novel series. The drama will focus on Detective Steve Carella and his coworkers at the 87th Precinct as they balance tough cases with their own personal struggles.

Fix-It Men, written and directed by Joe Carnahan, is about a team sent back in time from 2027 to 2014 to try and prevent a future war, but wind up trapped in current-day Manhattan.

Based on a French web series, Kali will follow a woman who wakes up on a train with no memory and discovers a chip has been implanted in her brain to make her a powerful human weapon. Kali then must go on a journey of redemption, where she finds herself caught in the middle between warring teams trying to control her.

President X, from Nick Wootton and Greg Berlanti, is a conspiracy thriller about a president who wakes up after a 13-month coma. Realizing the assassination attempt on him wasn't planned by foreign terrorists, but rather homegrown, the former president uses his Detroit-bred cunning to investigate.

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TBS also announced three series in development, including an adaptation of College Humor's Jake & AmirEd Helms will executive-produce the odd couple comedy, which features Jake and Amir navigating the cubicles of their workplace while maintaining their shenanigans.

Helms will also executive-produce Good Bread, about a tough but likable real estate developer who's forced to partner with an idealistic young woman. The comedy will be set at the Good Bread Café, which sits at the epicenter of an urban neighborhood teetering on the brink of gentrification.

John Krasinski will executive-produce Jackass of All Trades, a comedy about an emotionally stunted adult trying to provide for his family with the help of his genius — or mentally unstable — brother-in-law who lives behind his house.

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