America's Worst Tattoos America's Worst Tattoos

Forget the tattoo of a devil Smurf riding a dolphin jumping over a rainbow that you scored on spring break. Or the top-hat wearing skeleton eating the heart of a gecko that your frat brothers dared you to get emblazed on your butt.

TLC has rounded up some really regrettable works of ink and is putting them on blast in America's Worst Tatttos. Debuting with back-to-back episodes on June 21at 10/9c, the new series explores the stories behind these bad brandings and offers the bearers a chance to have the mistakes made right. It's a painful process for sure, but as you can see from this first-look clip, having to walk around with a wonky tat is even worse

What do you think of these bad tattoos? Regretting any of your own body art?

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