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Could the UFO-hunting Heene family have been the Jon & Kate of the skies? TVGuide.com has learned that the eccentric storm chasers at the center of the "Balloon Boy" drama recently pitched a reality show about their family to the TLC network — and were turned down.

TLC sues Jon Gosselin

"They approached us months ago and we passed," a TLC rep told TVGuide.com.

Meanwhile, a TVGuide.com poll found that 89 percent of voters believe the event was a hoax.

TMZ reports that Richard Heene also pitched a series to production companies Reality Real and RDF Productions (which produces Wife Swap).

Balloon Boy vomits twice on television during questioning

In other Balloon Boy news, a local sheriff in Fort Collins, Colo., James Alderden, gave a press conference Friday afternoon and said he doesn't believe the incident was a publicity stunt.

Balloon drama deflates amid intense coverage

While Alderden confirmed that Heene called a local news station before dialing 911, the sheriff defended his decision, saying that he knew a news helicopter would be needed immediately.

Six-year-old Falcon vomited in two separate TV interviews Friday during questions about whether the incident was a publicity stunt and what the boy meant when he said "we did this for a show."

VIDEO: Falcon Heene vomits during Today show interview

Home video footage of the Heene family at the time the balloon floated away has also raised questions.

Watch the raw home video filmed by the Heene family at the 2:50 mark

Falcon was thought to be inside a helium balloon that sailed across the Colorado sky Thursday, but was found hours later in the attic of the Heene home. The boy's parents, Richard and Mayumi Heene, are storm chasers who appeared twice on ABC's Wife Swap.