Kate Gosselin and the sextuplets Kate Gosselin and the sextuplets

Jon & Kate Plus 8 isn't going anywhere, TLC says.

Some people complain that the stars' marital troubles have become painful to watch, but despite (or because of) those troubles, the fifth-season premiere earned monster ratings.

"The show's ratings have grown consistently, as there has been interest in these real-life issues of this real-life family," TLC said in a statement to E! News. "We will continue to air as the interest continues, and the family wants to do it."

The network is also ordering 40 episodes.

TLC's decision to feature the media frenzy surrounding the Gosselin's marriage in the fifth-season opener helped draw 9.8 million viewers. It was the most-watched Memorial Day program on all of television, and TLC's highest-rated show ever.

Do you think the show should continue? Will you keep watching?

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