Extreme Couponing Extreme Couponing

Get your coupon-cutting scissors ready: TLC has renewed Extreme Couponing for a second season, the network announced on Monday.

The show follows deal-obsessed shoppers as they engage in mental gymnastics and loophole-jumping to maximize their savings at the grocery store ... and their stashes at home.

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TLC has ordered 12 episodes for the second season, slated to premiere in September. The final episode of Season 1, which has been averaging nearly 2 million viewers, will air June 16 at 9/8c, preceded by a marathon of the series beginning at 3/2c.

"Extreme Couponing has struck a chord with our viewers and has sparked a passion in people who are looking for creative ways to save money," TLC's Amy Winter said in a statement. "The series is creating even more super shoppers and we are lining our shelves with their remarkable stories."

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