Instead of watching the adventures of the whole Duggar clan, could viewers soon be watching a Jill and Jessa-focused spin-off?

TLC has pulled all episodes of 19 Kids and Counting following Josh Duggar's recent confession that he molested underage girls. While the network has yet to announce whether or not the show is officially canceled, People reports that a source close to the family says the focus may shift away from the whole family, and focus on newlyweds Jill and Derick Dillard, and Jessa and Ben Seewald.

Advertisers bail on 19 Kids and Counting after Josh Duggar's molestation confession

"The show had begun to focus more and more on the next generation of Duggars, anyway — mainly Jill and Jessa and their marriages and babies," the source tells People. "That's when the show got its highest ratings."

On the proposed spin-off, Jill and Derick would navigate life as new parents, while Jessa and Ben await the birth of their first child and still hope to adopt. The two are in the process of attending classes for prospective adoptive parents.

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