T.J Miller's The Gorburger Show has been canceled at Comedy Central after one season.

The news of this cancellation comes hot on the heels of anonymous assault allegations from a woman claiming to be an ex-girlfriend of Miller's from college. She says that Miller once strangled and punched her during sex, and that he penetrated her anally without her consent, and later did the same with a beer bottle.

T.J Miller denied the accusations, but only a few hours later, Comedy Central announced that it would not be moving forward with a second season of Miller's The Gorburger Show. It may seem like the show was cancelled in reaction to the scandal, but a network rep for Comedy Central claims that the decision about the show's fate came before the allegations came out.

Regardless of whether the story about the assault is true or false, we can at least be fairly certain that the decision to cancel the show was not tied to this incident. Cancellations aren't something that happen over the course of a few hours, they're decisions that are weeks and often months in the making. The choice to drop this news just hours after the allegations came out? That seems a little too coincidental to be on the up and up on Comedy Central's part.