Tina Majorino, <EM>Veronica Mars</EM> Tina Majorino, Veronica Mars

If you're reading this Q&A online, you obviously have some computer savvy. And if you really have the savvy, you gotta love Veronica Mars' Mac, our young detective's go-to gal for all things hi-tech and on the down-low. Alas, Hearst College's most wired has gone offline as of late, so TVGuide.com got a hold of her portrayer, Tina Majorino, to find out when Mac might reboot our TV screen. (Veronica Mars airs Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET, on CW.)

TVGuide.com: So... Mac seems to be spending a lot of time off screen at the campus gym these days.
Tina Majorino: She does, doesn't she?

TVGuide.com: What's up with that?
Majorino: I think she's just trying to be there for Parker [her rape-victim roommate], and I guess Parker loves working out. It's their little bonding thing.

TVGuide.com: But when are we next going to see you? In "Charlie Don't Surf" [airing tonight]? "President Evil" [Episode 5, airing Oct. 31]?
Majorino: I'm trying to remember.... I think it's the one that we're filming right now, [Episode] 9, called "Spit and Eggs."

TVGuide.com: What's Mac up to in that episode [written and directed by Mars creator Rob Thomas, and airing Nov. 28]?
Majorino: This episode is pretty intense because it's wrapping up the rapist mystery, so Mac is helping Veronica finalize her investigation into that.

TVGuide.com: Will that episode also plant the seed for this season's second big mystery?
Majorino: Yes.

TVGuide.com: Have we seen any hints of that new mystery yet?
Majorino: Kind of, yes. But you won't know [what it is] until you've seen this episode. You've been introduced to the characters, but this one definitely plants the seed, you'll see. Again, it's very intense.

TVGuide.com: Do you think that in light of what happened to Mac in last season's finale, it's been difficult to include her in this season's lighter moments?
Majorino: I don't think it has anything to do with what she is going though because they have been really good about giving Mac time and being realistic about it. It's not like all of the sudden she's over everything that happened. They're just trying to balance out everybody's story lines, because we still need to take a look at Parker's story, and Piz, Logan.... There are a lot of people to keep up with.

TVGuide.com: What's the buzz regarding the ratings to date?
Majorino: We're doing really well. We're all just excited that we're in the third season and that we got to be a part of the new CW. We were really happy with the ratings last week.

TVGuide.com: Is there an early feeling on whether they'll grant you a full season?
Majorino: I don't really know. Nobody is revealing anything, which is very nerve-wracking, but we're thinking we're going to be OK. We'll see. We're crossing our fingers!

TVGuide.com: If someone were to swing by the set in between shooting scenes, who would you most likely be found gabbing with?
Majorino: Oy... mostly I talk to people on the crew. [Laughs]

TVGuide.com: Crew people need love, too.
Majorino: They're awesome, and they're the hardest-working people on the set. Or, my mom comes down to visit sometimes, so I'll hang out with her.

TVGuide.com: You're a series regular on Veronica Mars this season, but I understand that that took a bit of finagling, because of your commitment to HBO's Big Love?
Majorino: It's a little tough, but Big Love and Veronica Mars have both been really great about juggling the schedule so I could do both shows. It was a huge thing for me to be able to do Big Love again, so everyone on Veronica Mars was really good about respecting that and allowing me to do that.

TVGuide.com: Were you like, "Look at me! I'm a hot ticket!"?
Majorino: No, I was just so happy that I got to be on both shows. I'm honored.

TVGuide.com: Amanda Seyfried (ex-Lilly Kane) is on Big Love, too. Had your paths crossed before on Veronica Mars?
Majorino: No, we never had scenes together when she was actually working on Veronica Mars. But a couple of people have done Veronica Mars and Big Love. Kyle Gallner, who played Beaver, is also on Big Love....

TVGuide.com: Have you started production on the second season of Big Love yet?
Majorino: Yes. And it's going to be a really good season.

TVGuide.com: The show was a bit of a lightning rod for controversy when it debuted.
Majorino: Absolutely, but HBO is known for that. They really push the envelope as far as the issues they want to bring into discussion. I think it's a really positive thing, because people should broaden their horizons and get knowledge on all sorts of different things. It's an interesting show, and I'm thankful I get to be on a show that has such great heart.

TVGuide.com: Do you think you could ever share a husband?
Majorino: No. Never. I really couldn't. I think about that a lot when I'm on the set, and it's definitely something I couldn't do.

TVGuide.com: Here's a question from a coworker: "Will Mac ever wear a side ponytail like you did in Napoleon Dynamite?"
Majorino: [Laughs] I don't think Mac would wear it how Deb did, but maybe she'd rock more of a glam-side ponytail. I'm not sure, but I think that'd be kind of funny!

TVGuide.com: You played Ray Liotta's daughter in Corinna, Corinna. Were you at least watching Smith?
Majorino: I feel really bad for saying this, but I don't watch TV, and I really should have been. But I love Ray Liotta, and think he's a fantastic actor.

TVGuide.com: Last question: Who would win in a computer-hacking fight: Mac, Smallville's Chloe, or 24's Chloe?
Majorino: Oh, wow, that's really hard. Um... yikes. Probably 24's Chloe. [Laughs] Either her or Mac!

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