Tina Fey, David Letterman Tina Fey, David Letterman

Awkward alert: Sex was again the hot topic on CBS' Late Show with David Letterman as Tina Fey shared that she didn't lose her virginity until the age of 24 because she "couldn't give it away."

Letterman, two weeks removed from his sex-with-staffers scandal, gingerly broached the subject with Fey by reading from Us Weekly a list of celebrities who remained virgins into their twenties — Adriana Lima (27), Chris Martin (22) and Brooke Shields (22). He paused as the 30 Rock mastermind's name came up as having lost hers at 24. 

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"See, all the other people, that was a choice on their part," Fey, 39, said. "That one lady's a Victoria's Secret model. She made a choice ... I couldn't give it away.""There's nothing wrong with that," Letterman responded, adding that the person she sealed the deal with is Jeff Richmond — her husband and father of her 4-year-old daughter, Alice.

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"That's just good, Christian values," Fey quipped. "Or bein' homely."Watch the interview below: