Kendra, Holly and Bridget, <EM>The Girls Next Door</EM> Kendra, Holly and Bridget, The Girls Next Door

Three gals, three seasons, three four-way Q&As. With the latest season of E!'s The Girls Next Door (Sundays at 10 pm/ET) now under way, grabbed a few minutes with Hugh Hefner's gaggle of girlfriends — Holly Madison, 27, Bridget Marquardt, 33, and Kendra Wilkinson, 21 — to find out just how well they know each other after all this time. This week's episode concerns the mansion's New Year's Eve bash and your individual resolutions. Kendra, your goal was to get better organized, and you have Julie McCullough helping you out. How do I get a former Playmate to lend a hand with household chores?
Kendra Wilkinson: [Laughs] You have to live next door to one, to begin with! How is that resolution going for you?
Oh, my room? It's horrible. It's worse than before! After that [episode], I had to travel a lot, and then I had to do taxes and stuff.... I had to tear my room up.
Bridget Marquardt: I knew that wasn’t going to last! [Laughs] Kendra, did you ever solve the mystery of who the large-ish, sheer black panties belonged to?
[Laughs] No.... Bridget, your resolution was to work on your voice-over career. Has anything come of it yet?
I have a coach now that I'm going to, and I've gone on a couple of auditions.... I haven't booked a job yet, but I heard that E! saw my footage from the show and thought I did a really good job! Being who you are, do you think you're eligible for G-rated, kids-oriented gigs?
Bridget: I think so. It's just my voice! [Laughs] There was that blurb in the New York Post a few weeks ago that Holly and Hef might decide to marry. Would all three girlfriends get a vote?
Holly Madison:
On whether we get married? No.... [Laughs] If I'm lucky enough to get Hef's vote, I'm stopping there!
Kendra: If they love each other, they love each other, and you have to respect that. We came in after, and knew what was going on.
Bridget: I don’t think we'd get a vote, but the rumor is not true that they're engaged. Kendra and Holly, the same gossip item hinted that you two don't get along anymore....
Kendra: I don’t know where that comes from. We're perfectly fine. Ever since the second season, I've been getting some opportunities and have been going my own way with work and stuff — I just hired an agent — so I've been trying to network a bit more in L.A. Maybe it looks like I don’t like somebody, but... it has nothing to do with me not liking Holly.
Holly: I don’t know who made that up. I'd love to know who this "mansion source" is at the New York Post, because it’s someone among us and they're wrong. [Laughs] Let's see how well you know each other after all this time together. Kendra and Holly, what are Bridget's best and worst qualities?
Holly: Her best quality is her ambition and her determination. As for her worst quality, well, if you don’t like pink, that could be annoying! [Laughs]
Kendra: Bridget's best quality is she's very, like, bubbly, and she talks very well. Her worst quality is she goes to sleep too early sometimes. What's too early at the Playboy mansion? Midnight?
Kendra: She goes to sleep at, like, 11:30, 12. She and Holly both need to stay up longer! What are Holly's best and worst qualities?
Kendra: Holly's best quality is she's a hard worker. She doesn’t stop if she wants something really bad. Her worst quality is she's strict about being on time, all the time. You can't be one minute late or you're f--ked. [Laughs] She's the sort of person where you have to be ready to go at that minute, and I'm the type of person who likes to take their time.
Bridget: Holly's best quality is that she is very organized and on top of things. Her worst quality... we're so much alike, it's hard to say.... [Thinking] Can we go to the next question and we'll get back to that? [Editor's note: Bridget couldn't come up with anything.] What are Kendra's best and worst qualities?
Kendra's best quality is her energy, and her worst quality is disorganization, definitely.
Bridget: Her worst quality, I can say first, is that she's never on time! [Laughs] Her best quality is that she's outgoing and knows how to have a good time. Quiz: Who is Bridget's biggest film-actor crush right now?
Kendra: George Clooney.
Holly: George Clooney! That’s so easy.... [They are both correct.] Who is Kendra's favorite athlete right now
Bridget: Oh, god, this changes all the time. I don’t know, but it's going to be some football player, probably on the Chargers.
Holly: LaDainian Tomlinson, is that right? He's her favorite Charger, I think. [Holly nailed it.] Who is Holly's favorite Star Wars character?
Um... Darth Vader?
Bridget: Princess Leia. [Score one for Bridg!] Being a huge Star Wars fan, Holly, do you ever geek out when you see George Lucas at one of the mansion parties, like on this Sunday's episode?
Holly: No, I separate people from their work. I'm not a big celebrity stalker — although I might freak out if I saw Tyra Banks! [Laughs] Kendra, did I hear that you're doing some racing thing?
Kendra: Yeah, a Grand Prix race, on April 16. This weekend I'm going to Lancaster and spending the night with Chris Klein and George Lucas and a lot of other people, and we're going to practice.... How fast do you want to go?
Well, they rated me so bad! There are, like, 15 people, and they rated me, like, last. I don’t know why. I'd like to go... 160? Sunday's episode has the four of you horseback riding. Had none of you been before?
Holly: I had never been before, and I think Kendra and Bridget had been, like, once before. But it was fun, it was cool. And it was weird when the horse would stop to pee. [Laughs]
Kendra: I used to horseback ride in Rosarito.... It's fun, but it hurt. It was really cold, and I got tired and cranky. I just wish the ride was a little shorter. Holly actually educated me on the origin of the term, "Rode hard and put away wet"!
Holly: Yeah, it's not just about skanky-looking girls!
Bridget: The horse gets this soapy-looking "foam" all over its body, and it's actually sweat. If you watch old Westerns, you'll see it. What can you tease about Season 3?
Kendra: You'll see the Grand Prix race, you'll see Holly's birthday....
Bridget: We go to Vail to snowboard with Shaun White.... You'll see a lot of career stuff, Holly trying to branch off doing stuff, me working on my demo reel.
Holly: We're going to visit my hometown in Alaska.... I really think it's the best season yet. But what's the sexiest thing we'll see?
Kendra: Oh, you're going to see the calendar shoot, and that shoot is hot. I did a Christina Aguilera/"Dirty" video kind of thing....
Bridget: Of course, I have to do a Halloween [shoot for the calendar], so I'm a witch flying on a broom.
Holly: For May, I shot with this big python, and for December, I was in a hot tub. I have a line of swimwear coming out [Playboy by Holly Madison], so we were able to feature some samples in the calendar. Yeah, the sexiest thing is either that, or me walking around wearing nothing but a gun and holster! [Laughs]

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